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We are helping to build a more hopeful tomorrow.

Our Philosophy and Vision... We are Elfenworks, In Harmony With Hope. Hope is critical to our vision, and we aim to foster hope by any means possible. While our efforts may at first seem far-ranging, they all share a common methodology and the same overarching goal: help hope grow!

With every project, we consult with NGO leadership to aim for tangible results following a proprietary methodology known as, "The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurship." Following Seven Pillars, we roll up our sleeves, join forces, and help create innovative solutions to build hope - In Harmony with Hope℠. For select NGO's, we will consider providing limited strategic financial and fundraising support for their philanthropic mission.

Latest News

UCSF Research on Marijuana Smoke in JAMA

The research is in – breathing burnt things hurts your health. This is also true of second-hand smoke. And that goes for second-hand marijuana smoke, as well.  Smoke is smoke. We’re very proud to have been a supporter of a recent study on second hand smoke that was undertaken at UCSF, which is “leading revolutions

Campus Moviefest

Calling Social Justice Filmmakers - Win $10,000!

MAKE A MOVIE – GET SEEN & WIN CASH PRIZES ! Background, Judging Criteria, Winners, Badges Elfenworks, in partnership with Campus MovieFest (CMF), invites students to become social justice filmmakers (or game developers) by participating in the annual Campus MovieFest competition. It’s an opportunity to win up to $10,000,  make a difference with your art, and

Kiev University Fosters Social Entrepreneurs

Scholarship Promotes Social Entrepreneurship  Elfenworks, Kiev Taras Schevenko Partnership Flourishes San Mateo, California (May 1, 2017) – The Elfenworks Foundation, in partnership with Kiev Taras Schevchenko National University and Elfenworks Productions, LLC, announced the selection of the winner of the University’s first-ever scholarship for budding social entrepreneurs at the Elfenworks Scholarship Competition. The winner, Vitaly Oleksyuk, was

Elfenworks and CSUMB

Student Social Entrepreneurs

The Elfenworks Foundation, in partnership with California State University at Monterey Bay and Elfenworks Productions, LLC, is pleased to announce CSUMB’s second set of student social entrepreneurship scholarships, a project shepherded by Professor Lisa Watson. This project offers a scholarship opportunity to students who are studying the social entrepreneurship methodology we call The Seven Pillars. The

Elfenworks Center for Responsible Business

Saint Mary's College of California

Saint Mary’s College of California, a Lasallian, liberal arts college with a strong commitment to service and social justice.  And, with the Elfenworks Center for Responsible Business (ECRB) , the school is poised as a leader in responsible business, as well.   Exciting 2017 Event The Elfenworks Foundation congratulates the leaders and participants

Concert for Hope

Film Still Resonates with Audience

Screened in Maui February 2017  Double Feature with “Hidden Figures”  Ten years after the event, A Concert for Hope was once again seen on the silver screen. We had a good sized audience, and about a quarter of the audience returned short surveys to us. They told us they liked the music, the message, the car