Welcome, and thank you for all that you do to build a more hopeful tomorrow.

We invite you to explore this site. Get to know us, and get a solid grip on how to increase your own impact.

Our Philosophy and Vision… We are Elfenworks, In Harmony With Hope. Hope is critical to our vision, and we aim to foster hope by any means possible. While our efforts may at first seem far-ranging, they all share a common methodology and the same overarching goal: help hope grow!

With every partnership and project, we aim for tangible results, following a simple yet powerful methodology known as the “Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs.” We’re doers, not financiers. Rather than a “fund this cause” model, we follow a “roll up our sleeves, join together, and innovate a solution” model. We also teach our methodology, and foster its adoption.

We have partners in education, policy, law, media, and at the grass-roots. Current projects include: fostering student social justice filmmakers, peacemakers, ripplemakers, & visionaries; helping people cope with stress; and helping nonprofits navigate IT Security. We also feel a partnership spirit with everyone who visits this site and gets involved.

We say “help one, help many, cause a ripple.” May you find this website inspiring and helpful. Never underestimate your power to make a positive ripple.

-your friends at Elfenworks

Encouraging Changemakers

Alone, we cannot hope to achieve the sort of lasting, positive change that we desire.

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Inspiring Hope

Whether in partnership with others or through projects of our own, our vision is one of hope and our focus is on solutions.

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Innovating Solutions

The Silicon Valley is known for its innovation, and Elfenworks aspires to always remain “on the cutting edge of hope.”

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News from Elfenworks

Learn about the Elfenworks Approach

Learn about the Elfenworks Approach

Elfenworks is leading the way to a better America, one good thought at a time. Working on behalf of our country’s marginalized citizens, we …

IHH Press Release 2016

The Elfenworks Foundation Honors Social Entrepreneurs BUILD, CODE2040 and Lava Mae with 2016 In Harmony with Hope™ Awards totaling $75,000 …

In Harmony with Hope 2016

In Harmony with Hope 2016

Save the Date: September 29, 2016 Our 10th Annual In Harmony with Hope Awards Ceremony is September 29, 2016 at 6:30pm at Kohl Mansion …

CMF Press Release 2016

Elfenworks Student Filmmakers Tackle Social Justice Issues The Elfenworks Foundation and Campus MovieFest help students address social justice issues …

Student Feature: The Street Crusade

Film Description: A documentary style look at various people and groups striving to make a difference in the world of gang violence. From education to …

Student Feature: The Art of Overcoming Poverty

Film Description: With 24% of Atlanta’s population living below the poverty line, this film takes a look at the systems set in place that keep …