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Oppenheimer, Gary

Social Entrepreneur Honoree –

About In 2009, Gary Oppenheimer conceived of, a nationwide campaign to enable America’s 42 million home gardeners to easily share some of their fresh food harvest with local food pantries. It’s a technology solution that educates, empowers, and connects home gardeners and local food pantries, which are often tiny operations with little virtual

Elfenworks in Korea

North and South Korea have been an area of potential geopolitical concern since the 1953 truce ended the Korean war. Seul, the capital of North Korea, is considered a rising global city, though highly exposed to China’s economy. Seul has been ranked by Arcadis as Asia’s most livable city, but it still offers rich opportunities

Elfenworks in India

Our social entrepreneurship methodology is taught annually in Tiruchirappalli, in Tamil Nadu (Southern India) at YWAM Trichy, where there is a small demonstration project in response to India’s estimated 40 million widows: The Widows of India Status & Empowerment Project (WISE).  India has many areas for enterprising social entrepreneurs to tackle, including: gender, social mobility,