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Concert for Hope

Film Still Resonates with Audience

Screened in Maui February 2017  Double Feature with “Hidden Figures”  Ten years after the event, A Concert for Hope was once again seen on the silver screen. We had a good sized audience, and about a quarter of the audience returned short surveys to us. They told us they liked the music, the message, the car

Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality

Elfenworks Visiting Scholars and More

The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality, online at, serves as a clearing house for inequality scholarship and data, supports graduate and undergraduate training programs in poverty and inequality analysis, and fosters innovative interdisciplinary research on poverty and inequality. They also publish and distribute Pathways, a landmark magazine on poverty, inequality, and social policy.  A

    Nonprofits We’ve Supported

    Featured, our team’s tomatoes, on their way to the local food pantry, Call Primrose. We also fill a barrel for Second Harvest Food Bank each year. Below, a few of the other wonderful organizations we’ve supported over the years (in random order): Helping At-Risk Youth to Thrive We’re investing in a more hope-filled tomorrow every day, through

      Your Hope Event

      Want to raise hope with an awareness event? Whether your focus is one issue (e.g., food, health care, non-violence, education, civics) or many, you’ll need a village to make your event a success. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though. Here’s our “hoperaising event in a box” page – with a plan and royalty-free music