On the cutting edge of hope…

Working with partners to reach for the stars, we use and teach our Seven Pillar methodology. Briefly: follow your vision and special skills to focus where needed, working with partners, sharing the credit, measuring results, and staying the course.   (See our helpful worksheet).  With this methodology it’s possible to tune out the naysayers and the cynics, and allow for, recognize, and learn from, failures on the road to success

Using this road map, and focusing our attention within areas that align with our vision, we identify a need, create real and lasting change that meets this need, and then amplify the successes. With every major milestone, we use tools (e.g., social media) to expand the project’s reach.  Once engaged we  stay the course, repeating the cycle as needed.  There are three broad, iterative steps in our process:

1. Identify chasms

Step one is our vision.  Where do we see ourselves helping? We go where needed, finding “chasms” where there’s a deep need plus a real possibility for making a difference.  We must believe our involvement could result in lasting, measurable change, building hope and harmony. 

2. Create Change

Project plan in hand, we proceed to equip and implement our project. This includes working in partnership and employing  today’s tools – including technology, communication, education, and more – to create change.  Some examples?  The stress-busting “Breathing Butterfly,” and  the cybersecurity project ECNISC.

3. Amplify Success

In a world where discord and despair is sometimes the daily diet, we amplify successes by spreading the word about what’s going right. We use social media and other outlets to shine a light on successes. This spreads hope. We celebrate our partnerships, take stock of where we are, and move forward, identifying another chasm that’s close to our hearts, creating a “virtuous cycle”—because, at our core, we are innovators for hope. Here’s a little video to explain our approach:

Perhaps you’re here looking for ways to be more empowered and effective. If so, we’re glad you found us, because there are resources on this site geared just for you. Use our offerings in good health, and with our thanks for your civic involvement. Together, we can arrive at a better tomorrow.