Speak a language that’s not yet here?  You can volunteer your skills and help this project!

Elfenworks is currently looking for languages to support the The Butterfly Project. So far, we’ve covered many of the most common languages found in homeless shelters, but this project has worldwide reach and there are still chasms within our solution… we have only scratched the surface with the number of languages we provide to date. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us first. This will help avoid any duplicative efforts and allow us to get you the script (in English) and provide you with the necessary release forms. We can also advise on some recording methods that may result in a better recording.

  1. Contact us for the script in English and the release form.
  2. Return the release form to us to get and written translation to us.
  3. Start recording!
    • If you’re local, you might contact us about the possibility of stopping by to record.
    • If you’re non-local and recording for yourself, please follow these guidelines: (you should also contact us regarding how to get us the file)

Guidelines for Recording:


The best recordings are in rooms that are quiet, and where the interference from electronics and lights is kept to a minimum. Here’s what we do at Elfenworks:

  • Try to schedule the recording at a time when it’s OK to turn off any noisy air conditioner or heater, if you have them, and at a time when you don’t expect the greatest traffic noise.
  • Turn off cell phones and overhead fluorescent lights in the immediate area.  Turn off ringer on any land-line phones.
  • Close doors to other rooms – especially doors that trigger a ‘beep’ when opened or closed.  We close the door to the kitchen. If we could reach the plug for the refrigerator, we’d unplug it for the quick recording, then plug it back in. We also put a note on the kitchen door “recording session in progress” so people don’t use it. We turn off the coffee making machine, which gurgles every few minutes otherwise.
  • We use an acoustical back-baffle. If you have one, use it – it really works!


  • Say “Start Room Ambience” at the beginning of each recording event and get the room noise printed, then say “End Room Ambience” after 10 seconds of everyone holding their breath.    This sound snippet of just the room itself  will improve the effectiveness and quality of our noise reduction filters,  when editing the audio into its final form.
  • Record clearly and slowly.  For every sentence, say it in English and in the new language (e.g., “Good morning, Guten morgen” ). The interspliced English will help the editor understand what’s being said, without knowing the language.
  • If you listen to the first recording and find that it’s too low, and need to make an adjustment, then start over with the first step  (with “Start Room Ambience”…) and record the entire Butterfly meditation again at that new loudness level.

Thank you in advance!