Overall Winner 2008 Elfenworks Social Justice Category

Our winning movie for the 2008 CMF Elfenworks Social Justice category, coming out of Emerson College in Boston, is titled “The Street Crusade,” and features not only a powerful message related to nonviolence and volunteerism, but showcases an inspiring message of transformation by telling the story of formerly afflicted individuals that have changed their own lives, a movie that will no doubt inspire others to do the same. [press release ] • [youtube]

Runner-Ups 2008 Elfenworks Social Justice Category

Ripple Theme

The finalist for its “ripple” theme, comes out of Georgia State University. “Volunteer,” tells the moving trans-generational story of an unlikely literacy volunteer, Odessa Whiters, an EAGLE Award Winner. [youtube]

Best Message

The finalist for “best message” is “The Art of Overcoming Poverty.” Made by students from Georgia Tech, it showcases the conversation that must continue to take place in order for there to be real change. inspire others to do the same. [youtube]

Artistic Excellence

The finalist for “artistic excellence” comes from students in New York – “Face of Poverty,” made by Columbia University students, is an artistic take on the issue of poverty, vividly contrasting the haves and have nots living side-by-side in New York City. [youtube]

CMF 2008 Conclusion

Recognizing film as an effective medium for change, The Elfenworks Foundation is working with Campus Movie Fest (CMF) and has created a new category for this year’s contest which began in August [press release]. The category is a ‘call and response,’ calling tens of thousands of students at colleges around the country who participate in CMF’s moviemaking events, to visually capture the stories of those individuals/groups responding to the issue of domestic poverty ‘right next door.’ See all the entries (including winners) at youtube.com/elfenworks.

This year, CMF and The Elfenworks Foundation have teamed up to introduce a new social justice category challenging students to create films that capture the often untold stories of those in our communities who are ‘in harmony with hope’ and making a difference in helping with domestic poverty. One out of eight people (37.0 million people) in our country live below the poverty line today, and the 2007-2008 Elfenworks Social Justice CMF category focuses on showcasing the visionaries working towards solutions to this very real problem. CMF and Elfenworks challenge teams of student filmmakers to call attention to the issues faced by America’s forgotten poor, by sharing the lives of the change-makers all around us in the hope of inspiring more citizen involvement.

All over the country, young filmmakers are illustrating responses to a call which can be seen in films like Faces of Poverty. This new 44-minute documentary short puts a human face on poverty, telling stories taken from the millions of poor around us we perhaps hear about but may never see, in hopes of inspiring viewers to take action. Some of the submissions are already available for viewing on the Campus Moviefest website. We look forward to more entries and urge student filmmakers to submit their entries to CMF for consideration in the Elfenworks Social Justice Category, by the end of the academic year, if they have not yet done so already.

About the Campus Movie Fest

About The Campus Movie Fest: Campus MovieFest, created in 2000 by students at Emory University, has grown into the world’s largest student film festival. The founders at Ideas United, LLC, have had the privilege of sharing their passion with students around the globe while working with great partner companies – including TBS and Apple and The Elfenworks Foundation – to make the events possible. CMF is the only event of its kind to provide thousands of student teams with Apple laptops, camcorders, and training. In addition, hundreds of local musicians provide the best independent music that students have permission to use as their soundtracks. CMF kicks off its 2007-2008 tour in the San Francisco Bay Area at colleges including Stanford University, Sonoma State, San Jose State, UC Berkeley and UC Davis in August. The tour will continue in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, and Boston. More information about this partnership is available on their website, at www.campusmoviefest.com/elfenworks.

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