2010 Elfenworks Social Justice Category

The folks at CMF really worked hard to make the 2010 Grand Finale June 10-13 at Wynn Las Vegas an unforgettable experience… and the entries into our category in both film and music were top notch. Our HATS OFF to all the students who have entered into our category.  We love you, ROCK ON!   Please submit to our category – we need your art and your vision to help move mountains!  (to quote our waitress in Vegas, “don’t just talk about it, BE about it!”)

Overall Winner

Drumroll please!  Our Overall Winner for the 2010 Campus MovieFest Elfenworks Social Justice Category is “Propagating Peace.” This film tells a story close to our hearts at Elfenworks: one person doesn’t have to be a millionaire or a rocket scientist to stand up and make a ripple. All they have to do is make a choice, as they do in “Propagating Peace.”

Second Place

In second place in the CMF Elfenworks Social Justice Category, a really well-made film about a really visionary program, one that’s right in our own backyard in San Francisco. Its story is movingly told in “Building a Connection.”

Artistic Excellence

And finally, a special artistic excellence award for ‘Best Storytelling’ for “A Time for Hope.”  This film of exquisite visual storytelling is a modern and relevant take on a classic Cinderella tale, and it captured our hearts: there’s no better time for hope.

College Battle of the Bands

Three Elfenworks Social Justice prizes were also awarded for CMF’s College Battle of the Bands. Tied for second were Silent Canvas, for the song Close Your Eyes, with a subtle underlying message for women who have been subject to abuse and Taxi Project, whose song New provides a message of hope and solidarity. And The Elfenworks Social Justice Award First Place winner is The Beat Advocate for their powerful, moving, and brilliantly executed song The Other Side.

Congratulations to our 2010 winners and everyone who entered our CMF Elfenworks Social Justice Category. See you next year… We love you!


For the past few years, the Elfenworks Foundation, in partnership with Campus Moviefest, has  invited you to create short movies or music relating to social justice issues in America (visionary change makers, hunger, homelessness, access to medical care, runaways, abuse, incarceration, you name it). You’ve had the chance to earn up to a $10,000 grant during Campus MovieFest and College Battle of the Bands 2009-2010. This year we had no takers for our “horror” genre concept (are people to afraid to look at the social injustices and does that cause denial? is there a creative horror film possibility here?) and you were also encouraged to look at hope as well.

How it Works

Filmmakers at participating CMF schools can sign-up for free online and get all the gear needed to tell your story in a week. Or, students who attend any US college or university submitted their short movies online by May 1, 2010. Musicians submit their tracks online by the same deadline. Winners selected by the Elfenworks Foundation were announced at the CMF International Grand Finale in Las Vegas, June 2010.

More information and selected 2009-2010 Submissions are online at the CMF website !

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