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Student Feature: The Difference

Film Description: At some moment in time, we all have the opportunity to step in and make a difference in another person’s life. It may be a small choice, but that makes it even easier to overlook. What happens when one student sees another struggling and chooses not to look away? Film By: Sergio Acuña,

Student Feature: Ink

Film Description: Everybody loves to have their opinions heard, but sometimes we forget how our words can leave a lasting impression. Words can hurt. It’s a powerful visual, seeing how the words actually show up, on this young person’s body. Film By: Joss Serrallier, University College London Winner: Honorable Mention (UK) 2015 Reposting? Consider These

Student Feature: Stuck in the Space Between          

Film Description:A young woman bravely shares her perspective on mental illness; what it’s like to be stuck ‘in the space in between.’ Film By:  Samantha Armstrong, Goldsmiths, University of London 2014 Winner:    Honorable Mention (UK) 2015 Reposting? Consider These Tags:  #mentalhealth #perspective #cmfUK #cmf2015 #campusmoviefest #elfenworks #studentvoices #socialjustice #makearipple