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elf kneeling by water

Student Feature: Power to the People

Film Description: A poetic, hopeful call to action in the form of a powerful music video. Film By: Brad Wong, Leo Volcy, The Meteorites, University of Arizona Winner: First Prize, 2013 Reposting? Consider These Tags: #poetry #studentpoetry #perspectives #socialcommentary #message #cmf2013 #campusmoviefest #elfenworks #studentvoices #socialjustice #makearipple

Student Feature: Systematic Living

Film Description: A young woman muses, “In our dreams, we can escape reality, even if it’s just for a moment.” She dreams about escaping poverty, described as systematic living: the chain reaction spurred by a lack of opportunities and education in her community. She struggles to keep her dreams alive, using spoken word as way… Continue Reading

Student Feature: ID

Film Description: “ID” combines music and spoken word with an all too familiar scene of tension between an African American community and the police. We all spend our lives immersed in stereotypes. What happens when we take a moment to look deeper at ourselves and those around us? Film By: Joyce Eli and Jean Lu Bevins,… Continue Reading

Student Feature: Victimized (A Victim’s Eyes)

Film Description: When a young black man is shot and killed by a white police officer, his family must work to move forward. This film explores all angles of the road to forgiveness, both in forgiving others and in forgiving oneself. Film By: Patrick Walker, Georgia Perimeter College Winner: Fourth Prize, 2015 Reposting? Consider These Tags:… Continue Reading

Student Feature: King of the Ring

Film Description:  What makes a role model? One young boxer – formerly incarcerated – is poised to find out. Film By: Indiana University Winner:  2nd Prize, 2016 Reposting? Consider These Tags: #truestory #hope #rolemodel #incarceration #boxing #cmf2016 #campusmoviefest #elfenworks #studentvoices #socialjustice #makearipple About the Elfenworks Campus Moviefest Student Social Justice Award The Elfenworks Foundation, in partnership… Continue Reading

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