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Oppenheimer, Gary

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – ampleharvest.org

About AmpleHarvest.org In 2009, Gary Oppenheimer conceived of AmpleHarvest.org, a nationwide campaign to enable America’s 42 million home gardeners to easily share some of their fresh food harvest with local food pantries. It’s a technology solution that educates, empowers, and connects home gardeners and local food pantries, which are often tiny operations with little virtual

Sandoval, Doniece

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - lavamae.org

About Lava Mae Six days a week, Lava Mae’s distinctive blue buses and trailers provide showers for San Francisco’s 7,000 homeless people. The buses are strategically stationed in front of partner nonprofits, providing easy access to complementary services, in addition to a welcome opportunity to privacy and cleanliness. The model is being replicated around the

Ziolkowski, Jim

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – buildon.org

About buildOn buildOn has been working to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education for more than two decades. Domestically, an extensive network of youth service programs in under-resourced urban areas promotes community and civic engagement. Farther afield, these same students are building a new school every three days

Slutkin, Gary, MD

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – cureviolence.org

About Cure Violence Chicago-based Cure Violence takes a radically different look at violence by likening it to a disease and viewing it through the lens of epidemiology. It believes that violence can be halted using an approach based on the public health model: interrupt the transmission; identify and change the thinking of the highest potential