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Young, Fr. Peter

Social Entrepreneur Honoree –

Peter Young has spent more than a half-century working with the disenfranchised of his Albany parish, which is located in what was called the “combat zone.” He spent the first 18 years of his ministry giving his all—quite literally. By 1976, he was near bankruptcy. He had racked up a personal debt of more than

Egger, Robert

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - &

Change is what drives Robert Egger. For nearly 30 years, he’s spearheaded efforts to find smarter ways to help the homeless and smarter ways to run nonprofits. It isn’t exactly in line with his other dream—of changing the nightclub industry, but sometimes life takes you on unexpected journeys. Egger took that first step down the

Boyle, Gregory, SJ

Social Entrepreneur Honoree -

The gritty streets of Los Angeles’s projects make up his home, and his flock—recovering gang members—are more like wolves than sheep, but that doesn’t stop Father Gregory Boyle from carefully tending his pastoral duty. In return, Father Greg derives great joy, along with some heartache, and both help shape his life and fill it with