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Milliken, Bill

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – communitiesinschools.org

About Communities in Schools Communities In Schools, the country’s largest dropout prevention network, was founded on the principle that programs don’t change kids but relationships do. For four decades, CIS has developed effective community partnerships between schools, families, and community leaders to build a solid support system for students. The organization directly serves more than

McCorkell, Jim

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – collegepossible.org

About College Possible College Possible was founded in 2000 with the belief that education provides the best path out of poverty. With a goal or making college a reality for the 200,000 at-risk kids who graduate each year prepared for college but who, thanks to cultural and functional barriers, are not able to get there,

Eheart, Brenda

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - Generationsofhope.org

About Generations of Hope Generations of Hope is an intentional intergenerational village filled with parents raising and adopting foster children and senior citizens volunteering to help support the kids and the community, in exchange for lowered rents. Hope Meadows, the first model, opened on a closed military base in Illinois in 1994, and now a