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Oppenheimer, Gary

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – ampleharvest.org

About AmpleHarvest.org In 2009, Gary Oppenheimer conceived of AmpleHarvest.org, a nationwide campaign to enable America’s 42 million home gardeners to easily share some of their fresh food harvest with local food pantries. It’s a technology solution that educates, empowers, and connects home gardeners and local food pantries, which are often tiny operations with little virtual

Lim Miller, Mauricio

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – fii.org

About Family Independence Initiative The Family Independence Initiative (FII) is a national center that develops strategies that increase the control and choice that low-income people hold in their lives, reinforce community, and reward initiative. In demonstration projects around the country, FII has partnered with thousands of individuals—placing them in peer support groups and challenging them

Alvarez, Rafael

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - genesysworks.org

About Genesys Works Genesys Works changes the trajectory of life for underprivileged students by providing them a meaningful internship during their senior year in high school. After an initial eight-week intensive training on technical and soft-skills, students are assigned to work in a year-long internship at one of over a hundred participating corporations. As a