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Slutkin, Gary, MD

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – cureviolence.org

About Cure Violence Chicago-based Cure Violence takes a radically different look at violence by likening it to a disease and viewing it through the lens of epidemiology. It believes that violence can be halted using an approach based on the public health model: interrupt the transmission; identify and change the thinking of the highest potential

Yang, Andrew

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – ventureforamerica.org

About Venture for America Venture for America (VFA) redirects enterprising college graduates into early-stage businesses in underserved American cities. The program is revitalizing American cities and communities through entrepreneurship and by allowing top graduates to earn hands-on business experience and grow a culture of achievement. It provides an alternative to the predictable post-graduate march into

Gannon, Christa

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – flyprogram.org

About Fresh Lifelines for Youth Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) understands that young people who are in trouble with the law might be less likely to re-offend if they understand the law and the consequences of their crimes. Each year more than 1,000 at-risk kids take part in a 12-week law course; 70 who want