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Gonder, Ted

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - moneythink.org

About Moneythink Moneythink’s 600 volunteer mentors from 30 different college campuses reach 2,200 students each week with a powerful, relatable program on financial planning. Students and their mentors are similar in age, and the lesson content is culturally relevant and engaging. MoneythinkMobile, an Instagram-like app that puts financial learning in the students’ hands where they

Dawson, Eric

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - peacefirst.org

About Peace First Peace First is a national movement whose aim is to spark a conversation about the potential our young people have to create positive and meaningful change. The program promotes its mission through several initiatives. The Digital Activity Center features an online curriculum that is tailored to meet the developmental needs of young

Broome, Rose

Honoree Social Entrepreneur - HandUp.org

About HandUp HandUp provides a compelling way for individuals to donate directly to people in need. The mobile-friendly website that features vignettes showcasing individuals in need. Each story includes a description of the resources necessary to give that person a hand up. The charitable giving platform is a simple, elegant, and direct way for donors