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Allen, Will

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - growingpower.org

About Growing Power From a 2.5-acre farm, located in the heart of Milwaukee, Growing Power is bringing healthy, low-cost, sustainable food to the “food deserts” of our nation’s urban centers, while educating a nation of the benefits of urban farming, and mitigating racism by empowering the minority communities they serve. Growing Power also runs numerous

Alvarez, Rafael

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - genesysworks.org

About Genesys Works Genesys Works changes the trajectory of life for underprivileged students by providing them a meaningful internship during their senior year in high school. After an initial eight-week intensive training on technical and soft-skills, students are assigned to work in a year-long internship at one of over a hundred participating corporations. As a

Boyle, Gregory, SJ

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - Homeboyindustries.org

About Homeboy Industries Homeboy Industries is a one-stop shop for the previously incarcerated and those who have decided to leave the world of LA’s gangs behind. Homeboy provides addiction and recovery programs; a full curriculum of classes that includes GED, computer training, anger management, and parenting; and free services such as tattoo removal, mental health

Broome, Rose

Honoree Social Entrepreneur - HandUp.org

About HandUp HandUp provides a compelling way for individuals to donate directly to people in need. The mobile-friendly website that features vignettes showcasing individuals in need. Each story includes a description of the resources necessary to give that person a hand up. The charitable giving platform is a simple, elegant, and direct way for donors

Carter, Rosalynn

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - cartercenter.org

The Carter Center Mental Health Programs The Carter Center’s Mental Health Program combats the stigma of mental illness and promotes improved mental health care. Its founder, former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, also chairs the center’s Mental Health Task Force of eminent people in the field, and each year brings together leaders of national mental health

Dattner, Joyce

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - allstarsproject.org

About All Stars Project of the Bay Area The All Stars Project (ASP of SF Bay Area) promotes youth development through an innovative performance-based model. This approach, which recognizes after-school learning opportunities as crucial to urban children’s success in school and life, provides educational and performing arts activities for thousands of poor and minority young

Dawson, Eric

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - peacefirst.org

About Peace First Peace First is a national movement whose aim is to spark a conversation about the potential our young people have to create positive and meaningful change. The program promotes its mission through several initiatives. The Digital Activity Center features an online curriculum that is tailored to meet the developmental needs of young

Egger, Robert

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - lakitchen.org & dccentralkitchen.org

About DC Central Kitchen Since the DC Central Kitchen was founded in the mid-1980s, it has been using food as a vehicle for change. In today’s Kitchen, clients learn skills and become employed cooks through the Kitchen’s Culinary Jobs Training Program; college students learn about service and business through the Campus Kitchens Project; and nearly

Eheart, Brenda

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - Generationsofhope.org

About Generations of Hope Generations of Hope is an intentional intergenerational village filled with parents raising and adopting foster children and senior citizens volunteering to help support the kids and the community, in exchange for lowered rents. Hope Meadows, the first model, opened on a closed military base in Illinois in 1994, and now a

Farmer, Paul

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - pih.org

About Partners in Health Founded in 1987, Partners In Health (PIH) projects around the world share common goals: to care for patients, to alleviate the root causes of disease, and to share lessons learned around the world. Through a partnership with Justice Resource Institute, PIH employs community health workers in Boston to monitor a group

Gannon, Christa

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – flyprogram.org

About Fresh Lifelines for Youth Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) understands that young people who are in trouble with the law might be less likely to re-offend if they understand the law and the consequences of their crimes. Each year more than 1,000 at-risk kids take part in a 12-week law course; 70 who want

Gonder, Ted

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - moneythink.org

About Moneythink Moneythink’s 600 volunteer mentors from 30 different college campuses reach 2,200 students each week with a powerful, relatable program on financial planning. Students and their mentors are similar in age, and the lesson content is culturally relevant and engaging. MoneythinkMobile, an Instagram-like app that puts financial learning in the students’ hands where they

Haggerty, Rosanne

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – cmtysolutions.org

About Community Solutions Community Solutions strengthens communities by building partnerships, sharing innovations, and connecting vulnerable people to homes and support. It grew out of Common Ground, which helped house 5,000 individuals in and around New York. The area around Times Square experienced an 87% drop in homelessness after they rehabilitated their first property. Community Solutions

Lee, Lois

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - childrenofthenight.org

About Children of the Night Children of the Night (COTN) helps thousands of children between the ages of 11 and 17 who are forced into prostitution. Founded in 1980 as a walk-in crisis center and 24-hour hotline, its highly trained staff receives 10,000 calls from desperate kids each year. A privately funded 24-bed licensed group

Lim Miller, Mauricio

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – fii.org

About Family Independence Initiative The Family Independence Initiative (FII) is a national center that develops strategies that increase the control and choice that low-income people hold in their lives, reinforce community, and reward initiative. In demonstration projects around the country, FII has partnered with thousands of individuals—placing them in peer support groups and challenging them

Martin, Margaret

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – harmony-project.org

About Harmony Project Harmony Project offers free music education and ensemble playing for youth in under-resourced communities. Scores of highly qualified teaching artists teach 2,000 children at 18 sites in Los Angeles and communities around the country. Harmony Project commits to each child year-round for his or her entire childhood. Students are given an instrument

McConnell, Jack, MD

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - volunteersinmedicine.org

About Volunteers in Medicine Volunteers in Medicine was born in 1994 when a retired physician paired a group of retired medical personnel who were searching for a way to continue practicing medicine with a large uninsured population on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Working with the state legislature, he passed a bill to create a

McCorkell, Jim

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – collegepossible.org

About College Possible College Possible was founded in 2000 with the belief that education provides the best path out of poverty. With a goal or making college a reality for the 200,000 at-risk kids who graduate each year prepared for college but who, thanks to cultural and functional barriers, are not able to get there,

Milliken, Bill

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – communitiesinschools.org

About Communities in Schools Communities In Schools, the country’s largest dropout prevention network, was founded on the principle that programs don’t change kids but relationships do. For four decades, CIS has developed effective community partnerships between schools, families, and community leaders to build a solid support system for students. The organization directly serves more than

Minorini, Paul

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – boyshopegirlshope.org

About Boys Hope Girls Hope Boys Hope Girls Hope helps academically capable and motivated children in need meet their full potential by providing family-like support in a home-like environment, and opportunities and education through college. Nurtured in a safe home and provided with an excellent education, these youth thrive. Boys Hope Girls Hope runs a

Onie, Rebecca

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – healthleadsusa.org

About Health Leads By enabling doctors to write prescriptions to fill their patients’ basic resource needs, Health Leads envisions a health care system that addresses all patients’ basic resource needs as a standard part of quality care. College students volunteer to work with physician/nurse mentors to locate critically needed social resources for children visiting pediatric

Oppenheimer, Gary

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – ampleharvest.org

About AmpleHarvest.org In 2009, Gary Oppenheimer conceived of AmpleHarvest.org, a nationwide campaign to enable America’s 42 million home gardeners to easily share some of their fresh food harvest with local food pantries. It’s a technology solution that educates, empowers, and connects home gardeners and local food pantries, which are often tiny operations with little virtual

Sandoval, Doniece

Social Entrepreneur Honoree - lavamae.org

About Lava Mae Six days a week, Lava Mae’s distinctive blue buses and trailers provide showers for San Francisco’s 7,000 homeless people. The buses are strategically stationed in front of partner nonprofits, providing easy access to complementary services, in addition to a welcome opportunity to privacy and cleanliness. The model is being replicated around the

Slutkin, Gary, MD

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – cureviolence.org

About Cure Violence Chicago-based Cure Violence takes a radically different look at violence by likening it to a disease and viewing it through the lens of epidemiology. It believes that violence can be halted using an approach based on the public health model: interrupt the transmission; identify and change the thinking of the highest potential

Warren, Scott

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – Generation Citizen

About Generation Citizen Generation Citizen works to stop the cycle of under-representation in the democratic process of low-income, less educated, and minority citizens by teaching civic engagement at under-resourced schools. Each year, 8,000 students at schools in six US regions take action-oriented civics lessons in existing classes from trained volunteer Democracy Coaches. The civic engagement

Yang, Andrew

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – ventureforamerica.org

About Venture for America Venture for America (VFA) redirects enterprising college graduates into early-stage businesses in underserved American cities. The program is revitalizing American cities and communities through entrepreneurship and by allowing top graduates to earn hands-on business experience and grow a culture of achievement. It provides an alternative to the predictable post-graduate march into

Young, Fr. Peter

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – PYHIT.com

About Peter Young Housing Industries & Treatment Peter Young Housing Industries and Treatment (PYHIT) evolved out of a firm belief that effective recovery is only possible if treatment is followed up with housing and jobs training. PYHIT has forged public-private partnerships across New York State. Its network of treatment, housing, and job training programs are

Ziolkowski, Jim

Social Entrepreneur Honoree – buildon.org

About buildOn buildOn has been working to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education for more than two decades. Domestically, an extensive network of youth service programs in under-resourced urban areas promotes community and civic engagement. Farther afield, these same students are building a new school every three days