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A”Garage” For a Startup NGO

In May 2009 Elfenworks welcomed One Million Lights (OML) to share our office space with us, briefly. We felt this  experiment was is in direct alignment with our mission to foster positive, measurable, sustainable change. In this case, it was by seeing whether we might be the wind beneath the wings of one small nonprofit as… Continue Reading

Rejuve I

This page lists technical details for the Rejuve-I project. It is not intended as a standalone.  Main page is here. The Rejuve-I sessions were recorded using a combination of vintage tube analog microphones and state-of-the-art modern microphones. Two grand pianos were used, a 7′ concert grand which has a brighter sound, and a 9′ concert… Continue Reading

Rejuve II

In partnership with the Springer Laboratory research program on tobacco and cardiovascular health, University of California, San Francisco “One of the best things we can do for cardiovascular health in our stressful lives is to relax, relax, relax. The music on Rejuve II is beautiful and soothing, the sort of album that you can put… Continue Reading

Film Partnerships

Using the Power of Film to open Hearts and Eyes If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what’s a film? A hope diamond! Recognizing film as an effective medium for change, we have worked in collaboration with other filmmakers in an effort to inform, inspire and empower. We have – in addition to our Campus… Continue Reading

The “Breathing Butterfly” Stressbuster Tools

We mean it when we say ‘help one, help many, cause a ripple.’ Learn more about kids and cortisol, and get resources to help those in need.

The Elfenworks Foundation, The Stanford Center for The Study of Poverty and Inequality, and The Elfenworks Center for the Study of Fiduciary Capitalism at St. Mary’s College invite you to learn more about our November 2011 unconference.

Golden Gate University

The Elfenworks Foundation and Golden Gate University School of Law Launch Elfenworks Center for Employment Justice.

Film: Faces of Poverty

The film Faces of Poverty – which we will make available to you if you are putting on an awareness event – seems to have nine lives.  Four years after completion, the film was still being screened at festivals including GLOBAL WAKE-UP Festival in Chicago (October 28 – 29) and Swan Film Festival in Perth Australia… Continue Reading

Film: A Concert for Hope

What would you do, to start a ripple? This film explores the question, and captures a moment in time which caused a ripple, bringing waves of change we are still feeling. Director Lauren Speeth mixed up a magical brew of transcendant musical performances, stirring speeches, and enchanting animations; the result is a compelling call to action. Now subtitled in five languages and available on our YouTube channel, and coming soon to DVD. Recorded live in 2007 at Stanford University’s Memorial Church at a concert of the same name, A Concert for Hope captures a celebration concert in honor of the opening of the The Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality at Stanford University and the launching of their website,

Center for the Study of Poverty & Inequality at Stanford University NEWS FLASH! The Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality ( at Stanford University has won a $4 million National Poverty Research Center grant from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.… Continue Reading

CPR Is Here

The Collaboration for Poverty Research is a joint effort that brings together faculty and scholars from Harvard and Stanford universities. CPR, as it is called, was launched by The Elfenworks Foundation to develop and evaluate national policy on poverty and inequality in America. Read more at Announcing the Collaboration for Poverty Research. A collaborative… Continue Reading

Tracks of Hope Project

This is an interactive gallery featuring selected photographs from the book “Tracks of Hope” by our founding CEO, Dr. Lauren Speeth.

Second Saturdays

What if there were a grass roots movement — based in song — fostering an ethic of sharing and understanding, and open hearted compassion towards the last and least, right here in our country?

Music: Rejuve I/II – Soothing Music

All-original music to comfort, inspire and encourage—played in a soft, soothing style using specially tuned pianos, with violin and percussion. This CD features Tammy Hall, piano, with Lauren Speeth on violin and Michaelle Goerlitz, percussion and was first released in association with the Greater Bay Area Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and was selected as an Editor’s Pick by Body & Soul Magazine.

Event: Concert for Hope

This unforgettable event, featured a welcome by Dean Saller, a keynote address by the Center Director – Professor David Grusky, and the presentation of our In Harmony With Hope awards as well as not one but TWO world premieres: “La Povertà” by Stanford composer-professor Giancarlo Aquilanti and performed by the Elfenworks Festival String Ensemble under the baton of maestro Mitchell Sardou Klein of the Peninsula Symphony; and “In Harmony With Hope” written by pianist / composer / arranger / long-time Stanford Jazz Workshop faculty member Tammy Lynne Hall.

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