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Quitting Smoking – Yes You Can

You Can Quit! And we hope this new little PSA will be the motivation you may need, to get started: What’s your vision for quitting? Can you see yourself, smoke free?  There are many possible good reasons: influencing others, feeling better, or sticking around for someone you love. Pictured to the right, Deb (the star of the PSA) who rode… Continue Reading

The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurship

We follow former President and social entrepreneur Jimmy Carter’s simple yet profound advice: follow your vision, use your special skills, address a chasm, work in partnership, share the credit, measure for feedback, and stay the course.  Our CEO has written a book expanding on that advice, entitled Intelligence & Compassion in Action; The Seven Pillars for… Continue Reading

Social Media and Your Organization

Why Social Media? In this article, we will introduce social media, and explain why entering the social media arena should be done planfully, as a strategic step and part of an overall communication strategy for your organization. Used wisely, social media is a powerful tool, capable of expanding your reach, fostering goodwill, and even –… Continue Reading

How to Make a Ripple

The “Breathing Butterfly” Stressbuster Tools

We mean it when we say ‘help one, help many, cause a ripple.’ Learn more about kids and cortisol, and get resources to help those in need.

Second Saturdays

What if there were a grass roots movement — based in song — fostering an ethic of sharing and understanding, and open hearted compassion towards the last and least, right here in our country?

Inequality Feast in Three Easy Steps

Interested in really bringing home the idea of  feast-or-famine, as an educator? Try this idea for an inequality feast, in three easy steps. Idea for an Inequality Feast Get a group together and draw lots for how much food each person will get. Sit down to break bread together, the have’s with as much as… Continue Reading

Commitment Level: Passive

There are many things you can do to make a positive ripple, with little or no planning or effort.  Just incorporating these activities into your everyday activities can make a world of difference. Stand Up For Safety Help end violence in your neighborhood with a neighborhood watch program. Cost = $0. Speak Up Don’t be shy… Continue Reading

Commitment Level: 0-1 Hour

Here is a list of ripples you can make that take as little as a few minutes up to an hour of your time. Write Create an online blog. Join our poverty fiction forum…visit, search for the tag “poverty” and let your imagination run free. Cost = $0. If You Have  A Set Number… Continue Reading

Commitment Level: 2+ Hours

If you take on any of these ripples, count on at least two hours of your time. Put on Your Own Campus Awareness Event and Concert for Hope Your educational institution may be thinking about how it can influence positive change. How about starting by putting on an awareness event to get students involved and… Continue Reading

Commitment Level: Ongoing

The following list is for those special individuals devoted to taking a stand, regardless of what it takes. If You Have A Set Number Of Hours Per Week You could… Doctors: consider volunteering at a free clinic or tattoo removal service, Professionals: teach a youth your skill, Become a mentor: help “agedout” foster care teens… Continue Reading

Publications Links for Nonprofits

American Philanthropy Review Charity Times Charity Wire Chronicle of Philanthropy Grantsmanship Center Magazine (write your own review of Elfenworks here!) Guidestar Charity News Nonprofit Times Philanthropy Journal Philanthropy News Digest Planned Giving Today

Technology Links for Nonprofits

Code for America – Electronic Frontier Foundation – General tech resource – Techsoup by CompuMentor IM – Google talk (non-encrypted) IM – Jabber (encrypted) Online Meetings – Gotomeeting Paypal Developer Donations – Paypal Secure Donations via Groundspring VOIP – Google talk or Skype

General Links for Nonprofits

Assoc. of Fundraising Professionals Formerly, the standard-bearer for professionalism in fundraising. British Charity Commission regulator / registrar for charities in England and Wales. Boardsource National center for nonprofit boards Canadian Centre for Philanthropy Charitable organization that encourages philanthropy in Canada and supports the charitable / nonprofit sector. Causes tools for users of Facebook who… Continue Reading

Spiritual Principles/Support

American Innovativeness & Green Windcall Institute []

Legal System PYHIT Peter Young housing, industries and treatment (rehabilitate don’t incarcarate)


Bay Area All Stars Bay Area Women Against Rape Children of the Night Common Sense Media Elder Abuse Center End Abuse Guitars not Guns Homeboy Industries Leave Out Violence Nonviolence Shared Hope Stop Trafficking

Addiction / Recovery PYHIT Peter Young housing, industries and treatment (rehabilitate don’t incarcarate)

Vulnerable Population Wellness / AIDS wellness

Mental Health Specific Carter Center Mental Health Initiatives (Advocacy, Journalism, Symposia)

General Health Links The Carter Center Coverage For All Cover the Uninsured Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (health care-homeless) (for physicians) The Survivors Club Univ Health Care Action Netwk voice for the uninsured

Senior – Volunteering, Health Experience Corps Senior Corps

Shop / Donate / Barter Freecycle barter, more $ left to give GivingWorks at Ebay idofoundation marriage & giving Lasermonks office supplies Cristina give your used PC Gifts In Kind donate product TheHungerSite portal TheLiteracySite portal

Investing: Microfinance – Appalacia Community Invest – Socially Responsible Stocks

Sustenance: Economic, Jobs…

Dress for Success Let Justice Roll Operation Hope Suited for Change Wider Opportunities for Women

Research / Policy The Center for Public Integrity – Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington – Future of Children Stanford’s

Ratings & Contact

Charity Navigator Charity Watch Give Great Nonprofits (write your own review of Elfenworks here!) Guidestar Idealist Just Give Network for Good Timeshare Donations

College and Financing

Geds-to-PhDs I Can Afford College FAFSA Fastweb FedMoney I AM Nat’l Dropout Prevention Ctr StudentAid

Education: General Boost Up Boys Hope Girls Hope Chess in the Schools College for All League of Creative Minds Donors Choose Every Child Ready to Read First Book Heart of America Literacy Directory Master math mentor Music in schools One Laptop Per Child PCs for schools VHI’s Save The Music

Speaking Out & Voting

Los Angeles Area Services

Children of the Night Healthy City Homeboy Industries Hunger Action LA LA Foodbank LA Homeless Blog Los Angeles Mission Public Ccounsel

SF Bay Area Services Demarillac Academy Eastside School Back on Track Shelter Network

Sustenance: Shelter

  Architecture for Humanity CA Consumer Home Mortgage Information CEHN Corp for Supportive Housing End Homelessness Habitat for Humanity HUD Modest Needs NLIHC (low income housing) National Fair Housing Alliance NCHV (homeless vets)

Sustenance: Hunger

Atlanta Community Food Bank Capuchin Soup Kitchen (Detroit) Children’s Defense Fund Congressional Hunger Center DCCentralKitchen (Washington) End Hunger Friends of Boston’s Homeless Kids Can Make a Difference Meals on Wheels National Center for Children in Poverty Pine St. Inn (Boston) Second Harvest Food Bank Share our Strength Students Against Hunger Street Smart 4… Continue Reading


Americas Promise Boys and Girls Clubs Bright Futures Children of Shelters Children of the Night Childrens Health Campaign Every Child By Two First Book NACAC (adoption) NFPAINC (foster parenting) Room to Grow (babies) Strength (childhood hunger) Int’l/USA UCSF “can do” dental

Put on Your Own Campus Hope/Awareness Event and/or Concert for Hope

  Your educational institution may be thinking about how it can raise hope, bring about positive change,  and help lessen the impacts of poverty and inequality. How about starting by putting on a hope/ awareness event to get students involved and inspired about the importance of making a difference in their communities and country? Showing that your school… Continue Reading

Grant Writing Tips

A Dozen Rules of Thumb For Obtaining Grants for Your NGO Everyone who has ventured to start up and run a non-profit, non-government organization knows first and foremost that cash flow is critical to success. It allows you to focus on your purpose for starting the NGO and gives you the bandwidth to hire help,… Continue Reading

Media Relations: The Press Kit

An effective press kit is not crammed with any and all information you deem important about your company. Instead, keep the information concise and limited, offering only the most vital information that well positions and describes your company while offering only newsworthy stories. Ideally, create a ‘core’ press kit with information that does not change… Continue Reading

Fundraising and Donor Development

Is it Okay to Fundraise? Your organization may realize that more people would donate if they knew of your good work. You may have dedicated in-house Public Information and development staff working to raise your profile as best they can. But no matter what organization you belong to, Public Information efforts will exist within tight… Continue Reading

Enhancing your Web Presence

What’s In A Name? Choosing Your URL The right URL will drive traffic to your site and define you to the world. That is why Stanford University’s Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality, chose If your center has a large and difficult name, consider a shorter URL;, for example, is easier… Continue Reading

Enhancing your Mission Message

Frame The Debate to Your Advantage Most of you are already familiar with the work of the brilliant linguist George Lakoff and already own the book “Don’t Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate–The Essential Guide for Progressives” (if not, stop reading this page and get it at Amazon!). But what… Continue Reading

Media Relations

Media Choices There are essentially four different major media – print, newspaper, broadcast, and online, to target for story opportunities. Your pitch may differ depending on the type of publication, and the method that each editor prefers to receive their information will also vary. Some prefer emailing, some prefer receiving your press kit directly in… Continue Reading

Your Organization’s Identity

Creating a recognizable identity for your organization is crucial to making an impact amidst a crowded market. A positive brand identity needs to be established throughout your strategic, integrated communications program so that you build equity and recognition. For a quick look at the branding process, and to see how much you know, take the… Continue Reading

Branding Products or Services

Branding your product or service is necessary to create mindshare and to build donor and client loyalty. While product and service brands are subcategories of your organization’s identity, it is important to keep your corporate presence strong. Create a common liaison both graphically and contextually. If you are selling products or services, the same ideas… Continue Reading

Volunteering Links

Americorps Common Dreams DoSomething Hands On Network Pass It Along Idealist Self-help Social Innovation Camp Teach for America VIMI VolunteerMatch Volunteer YouthBuild

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