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Grant Writing Tips

A Dozen Rules of Thumb For Obtaining Grants for Your NGO Everyone who has ventured to start up and run a non-profit, non-government organization knows first and foremost that cash flow is critical to success. It allows you to focus on your purpose for starting the NGO and gives you the bandwidth to hire help,… Continue Reading

Media Relations: The Press Kit

An effective press kit is not crammed with any and all information you deem important about your company. Instead, keep the information concise and limited, offering only the most vital information that well positions and describes your company while offering only newsworthy stories. Ideally, create a ‘core’ press kit with information that does not change… Continue Reading

Fundraising and Donor Development

Is it Okay to Fundraise? Your organization may realize that more people would donate if they knew of your good work. You may have dedicated in-house Public Information and development staff working to raise your profile as best they can. But no matter what organization you belong to, Public Information efforts will exist within tight… Continue Reading

Enhancing your Web Presence

What’s In A Name? Choosing Your URL The right URL will drive traffic to your site and define you to the world. That is why Stanford University’s Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality, chose If your center has a large and difficult name, consider a shorter URL;, for example, is easier… Continue Reading

Media Relations

Media Choices There are essentially four different major media – print, newspaper, broadcast, and online, to target for story opportunities. Your pitch may differ depending on the type of publication, and the method that each editor prefers to receive their information will also vary. Some prefer emailing, some prefer receiving your press kit directly in… Continue Reading

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