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elf kneeling by water

Commitment Level: Passive

There are many things you can do to make a positive ripple, with little or no planning or effort.  Just incorporating these activities into your everyday activities can make a world of difference. Stand Up For Safety Help end violence in your neighborhood with a neighborhood watch program. Cost = $0. Speak Up Don’t be shy… Continue Reading

Commitment Level: 0-1 Hour

Here is a list of ripples you can make that take as little as a few minutes up to an hour of your time. Write Create an online blog. Join our poverty fiction forum…visit, search for the tag “poverty” and let your imagination run free. Cost = $0. If You Have  A Set Number… Continue Reading

Commitment Level: 2+ Hours

If you take on any of these ripples, count on at least two hours of your time. Put on Your Own Campus Awareness Event and Concert for Hope Your educational institution may be thinking about how it can influence positive change. How about starting by putting on an awareness event to get students involved and… Continue Reading

Commitment Level: Ongoing

The following list is for those special individuals devoted to taking a stand, regardless of what it takes. If You Have A Set Number Of Hours Per Week You could… Doctors: consider volunteering at a free clinic or tattoo removal service, Professionals: teach a youth your skill, Become a mentor: help “agedout” foster care teens… Continue Reading

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