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Quitting Smoking – Yes You Can

You Can Quit! And we hope this new little PSA will be the motivation you may need, to get started: What’s your vision for quitting? Can you see yourself, smoke free?  There are many possible good reasons: influencing others, feeling better, or sticking around for someone you love. Pictured to the right, Deb (the star of the PSA) who rode… Continue Reading

Social Media and Your Organization

Why Social Media? In this article, we will introduce social media, and explain why entering the social media arena should be done planfully, as a strategic step and part of an overall communication strategy for your organization. Used wisely, social media is a powerful tool, capable of expanding your reach, fostering goodwill, and even –… Continue Reading

How to Make a Ripple

The “Breathing Butterfly” Stressbuster Tools

We mean it when we say ‘help one, help many, cause a ripple.’ Learn more about kids and cortisol, and get resources to help those in need.

Second Saturdays

What if there were a grass roots movement — based in song — fostering an ethic of sharing and understanding, and open hearted compassion towards the last and least, right here in our country?

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