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Chinatown Research Paper

Student Engagement and Impact

We are pleased to present a research paper on San Francisco’s Chinatown, entitled San Francisco’s Chinatown: Resilience in the face of Poverty & Homelessness, An Analysis with Recommendations. This paper is the culmination of work spearheaded by our intern Blair Vorsatz, and then supplemented with in-person interviews by journalist Katherine Kam. Click on the link,

Film Collaboration: LVs Ride

Lasallian Volunteers of America

LVSRide – a gem of a film – was the result of a partnership with Lasallian Volunteers of America (LVA), The San Damiano Foundation, and Campus Moviefest. Premiered in 2012, this film continues to garner viewers in private screenings, this sweet film captures the LVA as they ride across america raising awareness about domestic poverty, volunteerism, and

Our First Film Project: The Faces of Poverty

Best Film - Perth, AU

  Faces of Poverty, an awareness-raising film project, set out to with the following goal: raise awareness, cultivate compassion, and foster engagement.  Did it succeed?  A young researcher from U. C. Irvine set out to study the film and said it did.   Our Film vs. Other Documentaries at Artivist The film made people madder (3.76

CMF Feedback

Students Say...

Jade Zhao – US Grand Prize Winner “Disobedience” “Getting up to that stage to accept the awards still feels surreal till today. As a student filmmaker, I have participated each year with different crew since freshman. It is CMF that have helped me realize my dream of filmmaking and we can not be more excited and