2012 Campus MovieFest Elfenworks Social Justice Category

Another GREAT year with Campus MovieFest! We’re very proud of our Social Justice Category winners and we were honored to have Nate Parker  (The Great Debaters and Red Tails) announce our winners! See www.campusmoviefest.com/hollywood for more information about the big event!

For a fifth straight year the entries into our category in both film and music were stellar. We are continuously amazed at the hard work and imagination of students from across the country.  We love you, ROCK ON!   CLICK HERE for details about the 2012-2013 Elfenworks and CMF Social Justice Award. Please submit to our category – we need your art and your vision to help move mountains!

Overall Winner

The Overall Winner for the 2012 Campus MovieFest Elfenworks Social Justice Category is “Taking a Stand” – from Rutgers, directed by Gisella Gutierrez.

Second Place

In second place in the CMF Elfenworks Social Justice Category, is “A Day of Hope” – from Hunter College, directed by Ryan Palm.

Honorable Mention

And finally, Elfenworks would like to acknowledge the following outstanding films for their unique approach to tackling the issue of social justice.

College Battle of the Bands

Overall Winner! The Thirstbusters – Finders Keepers

“Outraged by rampant greed, The Thirstbusters wrote “Finders Keepers” as a cry for change.  It is a song for the victims, all those who have suffered because of an unjust system that tries to keep them powerless while the rich get richer.  By expressing anger, in addition to hope, the band aims to get people fired up for action.” !” !”   Lyrics begin thusly:  Oh it’s not so hard to tell The lie you try n sell To take what you can take And leave some empty shell Thinkin only for yourself But the gold it’s gonna melt You broke what you could break Now the fires burn and swell But you said I didn’t break any rules today It’s finders Keepers You handed it over babe it’s Finders Keepers…”

Second Place

  • Lonely Biscuits – Deep Dish
    “This song relates to social justice because it talks about the struggles that people face everyday because of what is going on in our country. The first verse discusses people losing jobs and facing homelessness, while the more fortunate turn the other shoulder. It also talks about how privileged we are to be able to go to college and also pursue a career as musicians. The second verse discusses war and how these young soldiers are fighting right now for almost no reason. The chorus just sums it up and states that there is a lot going on in this world right now and that we don’t understand how it got to this point. PEACE AND LOVE!”   Lyrics begin thusly:  Our lives seem so complete, while there’s innocent people struggling tying to make ends meet And just a little bit of help would get them back on their feet, cuz they’re embarrassed to beg but sick of living on the concrete The upper class they just seem so oblivious, passing ignorance down to the minds of the little kids…

Third Place

  • Annie Dingwall – When the Lights Come On
    “Social Justice is the idea of creating a society based on equality and respect for each individual human and his or her rights. Over the years different issues have been addressed on a national and global front, such as racism and religious persecution. While these issues are not settled, they are discussed and people are informed about them because they have been brought to the attention of the powers at be that can make changes.  The key is to shed light on the issues and hopefully ease the pain. My song, “When the Lights Come On,” addresses this and “I’m hoping this will all be gone when the lights come on.” Sample lyrics: “Whisper secrets children of time And may your innocence still shine Silken curtains with breezes fly In a marble room I did call mine And all that’s left is a nursery Growing lilac and jaded dreams But here I stand in the dark Waiting for a spark AND I’M SCREAMING, AND I’M FRIGHTENED, BUT I’M HOPING THIS WILL ALL BE GONE WHEN THE LIGHTS COME ON”

See you next year!

Congratulations to our 2012 winners and everyone who entered our CMF Elfenworks Social Justice Category. We love you!

More information and selected submissions are online at the CMF website !


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