Our Elfenworks Center for Nonprofit Information Security Collaboration  (ECNISC) helps nonprofits cultivate a security mindset and culture. Security isn’t a comfort zone for many, and costs are always a concern. Our free self-assessment tool and reports clarify the value of staying strong, helping a manager to make a case for funding key areas.   Let’s move our sector from a reactive to a more proactive and innovative mindset.   

ECNISC is our way of providing a helping hand for the 501.c.3 nonprofit sector as a whole. We pronounce it “Echinacea,”  a name harkening back to a little wild herb said to help protect against the common cold. With this project, our desire is to aid our sector in becoming more robust and resilient, specifically as regards cyber-security.   We are pleased to announced the beta release at https://ecnisc.org/.  Let us explain:

Let’s solve some of the hardest problems real nonprofits face, right now:



Nonprofits have a hard time making the case for IT security. They are rewarded for spending every last dollar on programs.

FREE detailed self-assessment reports that will help explain their current situation, clarifying the value of key areas.

IT security is not a comfort zone for most nonprofits.

Ways to think about the big questions, including what you’re protecting and why.  With ECNISC, we’re helping nonprofits cultivate a security mindset and culture.

Not knowing where to start.

Easy first steps – the 80/20 rule.

Sense of going at it alone.

Shared experience – collaborating with colleagues.

Reactive: putting out fires.

Proactive – innovating for resiliency & robustness.

So, the ECNISC platform is ready. Just one more key ingredient remains, to make it perfect… and that ingredient is you! In future, we are exploring ways to learn together, share experience, and grow skills, collaboratively. And  it’s not all problem solving. We love IT security… and we feel it can be exciting and fun. Honest! So, we also include breaking news, quirky history, and more. Won’t you please join us there? https://ecnisc.org/ – let’s do this!