The team at Elfenworks melds a Silicon Valley mindset, the power of partnership, and a gift for storytelling to foster creative solutions on the cutting edge of hope. We hope you’ll enjoy these short bios.  You will find the Directors & Officers page here.

Nelly Baumb – Breathing Butterly Project 
Nelly Baumb heads up our Breathing Butterfly project and is the Office Manager for Elfenworks Productions, LLC.  See Elfenworks Productions for complete bio.

Michael Dalling – Art Director
A graduate of California State University, Chico, Michael Dalling began his non-profit career as a child helping with the local food bank and continued volunteering (and recruiting his friends) through high school. Now, with over 15 years of graphic design experience, he continues to promote positive change through his lasting nonprofit work, including the logos used by the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality and many other groups we have helped over the years. Michael is an award-winning designer whose work for us has been recognized by the W3, Pixie, and other outside awards organizations. See Elfenworks Productions for complete bio.

Devon Filo – Accounting & SQA
While primarily focusing on accounting, Ms. Devon Filo also performs Software Quality Assurance before new releases of our high-tech projects, such as ECNISC or The Breathing Butterfly.  Ms. Filo is also a performing violinist.  See Elfenworks Productions for complete bio.

Connie Kwong – Sr. Accountant
Meet Senior Accountant Connie Kwong, who is working hard to keep accounting ship shape for us. See Elfenworks Productions for complete bio.

Ryan Paul – IT Consultant
Ryan Paul is the founder of Covalent Systems Group, specializing since 2002 in providing technology support to the discerning nonprofit, small business, or high-tech startup. 

Janice Rivera – Film Consultant
Janice Rivera consults with us on film projects, such as editing all our In Harmony with Hope event footage.   See Elfenworks Productions for complete bio.

Tim Schaller – Film Consultant
Did you enjoy the film A Concert For Hope? The cinematography, editing and animation were all by Tim Schaller, who consults for us when we undertake such film projects, and for cinematography during important events.  See Elfenworks Productions for complete bio.

Kelly Madsen Shaw – Special Projects
While primarily focusing on Elfenworks Productions, LLC projects, Mrs. Shaw also lends her hand to “all hands on deck” Foundation events.  See Elfenworks Productions for complete bio.

Marian Brown Sprague – Special Projects
Marian Sprague combines a passion for promoting positive change with the deep skills needed for effectiveness. She ran our In Harmony with Hope Awards program for many years before moving to special projects. A graduate of Duke University, Marian began her nonprofit career with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts affiliate, Very Special Arts. Over the next decade, she was instrumental in the creation of two Washington, DC-based NGOs: the Foundation for Hospice and Homecare and the Caring Institute. She has also worked for the Heart of America Foundation and Resurge, the first organization to provide free reconstructive surgery for medically underserved children worldwide. An award-winning author, Sprague’s work has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Power Moms, Toddler: Real-life Stories of Those Fickle, Irrational, Urgent, Tiny People We Love, the Mercury News, the Palo Alto Weekly, the Santa Clara Weekly, and Who Cares and on behalf of the  Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality. John is now heavily involved with many Elfenworks Foundation projects, whenever they involve technology, which they almost always do.

Our Fabulous Interns (Current)

  • Nathaniel Tam – Our current intern Nathaniel Tam has been assigned to help research the feasibility of an international demonstration project we’re calling “Seven Pillars Ranch.” We’re exploring whether such a project could highlight our methodology in action to a new generation of social entrepreneurs, overseas. Given Nate’s familiarity with the region and keen interest, it seems a perfect fit.

Missing someone? Looking for previous interns? Check our “once an elf” page…