Alone, we cannot hope to achieve the sort of lasting, positive change that we desire. But if we all pitch in, the work becomes easy, and the impossible becomes very possible indeed. Here are a few ways we encourage the many potential changemakers around us:

  • We have held classes on the design, care and feeding of a web presence.   We also use and teach a methodology we call The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs. In a nutshell: follow your vision using your special skills to address a niche where you are needed. Work in partnership with others, sharing the credit and measuring your progress. Stay the course.
  • With our Breathing Butterfly project, we encourage teachers and caring adults to teach kids how to manage their own stress.
  • We encourage student filmmakers to submit their films to our Elfenworks/ Campus MovieFest Social Justice award.  We also offer tools on our website to help students grow as effective filmmakers.  These students will not only move hearts and minds with their work, they will forever be storytellers for change.
  • Our “In Harmony With Hope” award provides encouragement and support to truly innovative social entrepreneurs who are changing the domestic landscape for the better.
  • Our website provides a growing reservoir of information for individuals who want to create lasting, measurable, positive change.   Help one, help many, cause a ripple. Find out more at