WHAT: Healing Stream performs “For Our Time”
WHERE: Burlingame UMC – Howard and El Camino Real
WHEN: In Rotation

The band Healing Stream gave the song its premiere live performance in February of 2015.  And now, the song has been added to the band’s playlist in rotation. On various occasions in 2015, the band Healing Stream has performed  “For Our Time,” with guest artist Lauren Speeth joining in as a guest vocalist.  The band also selected the song for inclusion in the Backpackpalooza celebration on Saturday August 9th, 2015. In 2015, performance dates included the following 7:00 p.m. Friday evening performances: { February 27, March 20, September 4, October 16 } and the following 9:30 a.m. Sunday morning performances: { February 29, March 22, May 10, September 6 }.  In 2016, the first performance was Friday, February 12th and other dates included Friday, October 14th. See the project history log for details.

The band leader, Kevin Morgenstern, has also added a verse to the song:  “Got lost in my little world, cracked the oyster missed the pearl, time to take the blinders off and see. Gonna break out of my shell, could be heaven could be hell, which will be is up to you and me.”

On Friday evenings, you are invited to a free buffet style dinner that is served with a helping of hospitality and warm, friendly and interesting conversation. Donations are optional and nobody who is hungry is turned away.  Childcare is offered, and yet children are also welcome to stay and enjoy the music. Dinner is followed by a unique, straight from the heart, high energy, mostly music worship experience, led by the band Healing Stream.

About Healing Stream
Healing Stream is led by guitarist, singer and song writer, Kevin Morgenstern who in the late 70’s joined with Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter to form Robert Hunter and Comfort. Kevin teamed with Hunter to write three songs for an album the band recorded and toured with the Jerry Garcia Band. Healing Stream is a talented collection of quality musicians that perform high energy Christian rock as well as modern acoustic and bluegrass music. They play original music and cover well known praise and worship standards as well as timeless Christian classics and old time and bluegrass selections. Healing Stream celebrates through music and lyric, the fullness of the spiritual life in a distinct and authentic Christian context. This is the cornerstone of the Evenings at the River (musical worship) experience and is offered again on Sunday morning from 9:30–10:30am.  Child care is offered.

About The Elfenworks Foundation’s Peace Initiative “For Our Time” 
Elfenworks “In Harmony with Hope works to foster intelligent compassion in action and to cultivate hope through creative and technology solutions that advance change. And one change that would be useful is a little more peace, for our time. That’s one reason Elfenworks entitled the new peace-through-collaborative-song project “For Our Time.”  The concept is simple: sometimes it can be hard to start a conversation, so we’ve offered up a starter verse to a song. Lend your voice to the song, and you never know how far it will carry. Never underestimate your ripple!  Elfenworks is looking for songwriters, peace leaders and plain folks who want to build bridges over all sorts of divides.  This project’s official launch date was 12/13/14, and looks to really have a groundswell by the next United Nations International Day of Peace.  For further information, see: www.elfenworks.org/peace.

Below, a previous performance of the song by Healing Stream:


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