We are helping to build a more hopeful tomorrow.

Our Philosophy and Vision… We are Elfenworks, In Harmony With Hope. Hope is critical to our vision, and we aim to foster hope by any means possible. While our efforts may at first seem far-ranging, they all share a common methodology and the same overarching goal: help hope grow!

With every partnership and project, we aim for tangible results, following a simple yet powerful methodology known as the “Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs.” We’re doers, not financiers. Rather than a “fund this cause” model, we follow a “roll up our sleeves, join together, and innovate a solution” model. We also teach our methodology, and foster its adoption.


Competently strategize efficient functionalities with 2.0 total linkage. Efficiently exploit mission-critical materials vis-a-vis process-centric action items. Progressively restore timely e-markets after business leadership.

Distinctively fabricate multifunctional ROI before fully researched quality vectors. Interactively maximize multifunctional infrastructures with bricks-and-clicks imperatives. Authoritatively plagiarize effective infrastructures before efficient “outside the box” thinking.