Recognizing Real People and Real Solutions for Eliminating Poverty in America

The Elfenworks Foundation (TEF), whose mission is to bring domestic poverty to the top of the American public’s agenda, has announced that the 2009 commemoration of hope will honor: Gregory Boyle, founder, Homeboy Industries, Robert Egger, founder, DC Central Kitchen and V3, and Peter Young, founder, Peter Young Housing, Industries & Treatment.

On October 15, 2009 at 7 pm Pacific Time at the Community School of Music and Arts in Mountain View, California, these three individuals were honored for outstanding contributions towards eliminating poverty in America with the In Harmony with Hope Awards.

The third year of the In Harmony with Hope Awards is even more crucial based on recent information released from the U.S. Census Bureau’s poverty data showing an increase in poverty in America.

The award pays tribute to three mission-focused individuals whose examples prove that innovation can create new opportunities to integrate the poor and the marginalized and elevate us all:

2009 In Harmony with Hope Award Honorees

Father Gregory Boyle, S.J. (Founder), Homeboy Industries,

Father Greg Boyle’s Homeboy Industries is a one-stop shop for those who have decided to leave the world of LA’s gangs behind. Homeboy provides addiction and recovery programs; a full curriculum of classes that includes anger management, parenting, GED and computer classes; and free services such as tattoo removal, mental health counseling, job development, legal counseling and case management. Former gang members help manage and run the enterprise, which includes a bakery, café, and silkscreen operation, and maintenance and retail shops that fund about a third of Homeboy’s operations. Fr. Greg has been a beacon of hope in a blighted landscape. His efforts have directly impacted the lives of more than 100,000 people.
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Robert Egger (Founder),  DC Central Kitchen,

Robert Egger founded the DC Central Kitchen in the mid-1980s, and turned the food bank model on its head. In 2013, he took his model to Los Angeles. Instead of providing a simple handout, Egger uses food as a vehicle for change: clients become employed cooks through the Kitchen’s Culinary Jobs Training Program; college students learn about service and business in the Campus Kitchen Project; 5,000 of Washington, DC’s hungry are fed; and the Kitchen recycles more than 700,000 pounds of food every year. The Kitchen additionally provides street outreach and nutrition education for at-risk kids. Egger also galvanizes the nonprofit industry through country-wide talks, pushing for reform and a place on the national stage.
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Rev. Peter G. Young (Founder), Peter Young Housing, Industries, and Treatment,

Father Peter Young has helped inmates and parolees overcome their addictions for more than half a century. Peter Young Housing Industries and Treatment (PYHIT) evolved out of Fr. Young’s firm belief that effective recovery is only possible if treatment is followed up with housing and jobs training. Fr. Young has forged successful public-private partnerships across New York State. The network of treatment, housing and job training programs spans 100 sites. Three thousand people rely on services from PYHIT every day. PYHIT boasts a recidivism rate of less than 10 percent. In all, Fr. Young has helped hundreds of thousands move from addiction to becoming taxpaying members of society.
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“All three of our honorees grasped the big picture and recognized the interconnectedness of issues,” says Elfenworks Foundation CEO Dr. Lauren Speeth. “And then they went about fearlessly implementing new solutions that work. That’s exactly what’s needed right now.”

The awards are the vision of Dr. Lauren Speeth, who believes that recognizing and partnering with individuals and organizations that are leading the charge to make substantive change will help lift people out of poverty. The work is even more urgent today, as our income inequality continues to grow and with an increasing number of Americans finding themselves on poverty’s doorstep.

Performing Artist: Eyeshine

Formed in 2004 by front man Johnny Yong Bosch and Maurice Salmin, Eyeshine first found success in 2006 with a unique blend of pop punk and post grunge called Edge Rock. The band gained a modest audience with its debut EP, “How About That” and their first full length album, “Red Stripes White Lights” but it was their sophomore effort, “My Paper Kingdom” that officially opened the flood gates in 2009. MPK featured their award winning song, “ALONE,” whose honest and simple lyrics made a connection to a steadily growing fan base. The band has continued to self produced 7 more albums: “Tone Of Echoes” (features the Elfenworks Foundation sponsored song “Hope Is So Far Away”), “Afterglow” (acoustic album), “Sonosis” (instrumental album), “Sansvox” (karaoke album), “XMAS” (Christmas album), their latest album “Revolution Airwaves,” and their latest acoustic album “Like Yesterday.”   In 2012, Eyeshine won the worldwide Ford sponsored “Gimme The Gig II” competition. This band for many years worked in partnership with us, to spread the empowering word to their audience, to never underestimate their ripple. They had won the our social justice prize – given in association with Campus Moviefest / College Battle of the Bands – for the song Alone.  This song shows what it feels like to be alone, and who hasn’t felt that way, at one time or another? The song was awarded as one of Top 15 Most Played Indie Artist’s songs by the IAIRA. Watch the band in a live, unplugged performance of the song below, and visit our detail page on the band to see the video the band made in solidarity with the poor, entitled “hope is so far away” and to learn more:  <<detail page>>.


About The Elfenworks Foundation

The Elfenworks Foundation was created to support non‐governmental organizations (NGOs) in innovative and unconventional ways. We strive to be In Harmony with Hope by shining light on causes that benefit humanity. In affiliation with U.S. centers of academic excellence, our multi‐faceted, creative and hardworking team of social entrepreneurs and advisors draws on expertise in communications, technology, film, music, law, and business administration to empower the nonprofits we serve; we remove obstacles, help strengthen program and business‐model capacities, build infrastructures, forge alliances, and raise awareness about these organizations and our shared agenda. In this way we work in harmony towards our common goal of positive, measurable, and sustainable change. Our current goal is to ameliorate domestic poverty and provide new hope for the disenfranchised here at home. For more information, visit

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