Cooking Up Hope, October 2, 2014

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The annual In Harmony With Hope® awards is an annual event honoring domestic social entrepreneurs. The evening, always with a theme of hope, pays tribute to social innovators with a domestic focus whose work is visionary, transformative, and inspired.  Our 2014 award took place at the Kohl Mansion in Burlingame on October 2nd of 2014, and the entire event will be posted online, for those who could not attend.

2014 In Harmony with Hope Award Honorees

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Margaret Martin (Founder) Harmony Project,

ihh2014-martinIn 2001, Margaret Martin, DrPH, MPH, established Harmony Project, which offers free music education and ensemble playing for youth in under-resourced communities. In 2014, 80 highly qualified teaching artists taught 2,000 children at 18 sites in Los Angeles and communities around the country. Harmony Project commits to the child year-round for his or her entire childhood. Students are given an instrument and they study, practice, and perform for hours every week. Longitudinal scientific research shows that Harmony Project’s music training is fundamentally re-wiring the brains of the participants. In areas where dropout rates reach 70%, the graduation rate for Harmony Project students is more than 90%. By providing positive youth development and a sense of belonging, the program is also effectively keeping kids from joining gangs.  [harmony page]

Scott Warren, (Founder) Generation Citizen,

ihh2014-warrenScott Warren’s belief in participatory democracy (informed by his childhood as a “foreign service brat”) is so strong that he was still an undergraduate when he and a friend conceived the idea for Generation Citizen in 2008. The organization works to stop the cycle of under-representation in the democratic process of low-income, less educated, and minority citizens by teaching civic engagement at under-resourced schools. This year, more than 8,000 students at schools in Providence, Boston, New York, and San Francisco took action-oriented civics lessons from trained volunteer Democracy Coaches, who work with the support of teachers in existing classes. The students identify a concern, spend the semester strategically addressing that problem, and present their plan to local leader judges at Civics Day. Student by student, Generation Citizen is chipping away at the civic engagement gap.  [harmony page]

Jim Ziolkowski, (Founder) buildOn,

ihh2014-ziolkowskiFor 23 years, Jim Ziolkowski and buildOn have been working to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations through service and education. Domestically, an extensive network of youth service programs in under-resourced urban areas promotes community and civic engagement. Farther afield, these same students (and others) are building a new school every three days (645 at last count) in the remotest areas of developing nations—bringing education and opportunity to the world’s poorest, and teaching American youth the value of education. Over the years, more than 800,000 low-income students in cities across America have completed 1.3 million hours of service. Ninety-four percent of buildOn students go to college and buildOn schools are educating 85,000 people every day—realizing Ziolkowski’s dream of improving access to education for the world’s poor.  [harmony page]

 Celebrity Emcee: Nora Zehetner

ihh2014-zehetnerAn actress who works seamlessly across both film and television, Nora Zehetner has portrayed an array of complex characters throughout her acting career. Most recently, Nora was seen playing Marc Maron’s girlfriend, Jen, in the critically acclaimed comedy series Maron, which premiered on IFC in May 2014. Nora was also a featured guest star playing the role of Phoebe on Season 4 of the Emmy winning TV drama Mad Men. Nora is widely recognized for her role on ABC’s top-rated Golden Globe-winning television series Grey’s Anatomy, playing Dr. Reed Adamson. Nora is best known for her recurring role on the Emmy-nominated science-fiction series Heroes as the mind-controlling Eden McCain, a role which garnered a cult fan base for Nora. Her other television credits include the critically acclaimed WB hit Everwood, HBO’s Point of Origin, and Showtime’s Going to California. On the big screen, Nora has appeared in numerous films, including a starring role as Rose Conlin in the dramatic comedy Spooner. Nora’s other film credits include Brothers Bloom, in which she starred alongside Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz, Remarkable Power in which she played Athena, Conversations with Other Women, and as Michelle in the independent feature Fifty Pills. Nora has many loyal fans from playing the character of Laura alongside Joseph Gordon Levitt and Lukas Haas in the cult indie hit Brick. This smash hit with film critics won the Special Jury Prize for Originality of Vision at the Sundance Film Festival. It was later nominated for the John Cassavetes Award at the Independent Spirit Awards. Nora grew up in Dallas, Texas, and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Performing Artist: Jonny Shorr Band

ihh2014-schorrJonny Shorr is a singer/songwriter and musician born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. He currently studies in the Music Industry program at the University of Southern California. Jonny just released his self-titled EP, produced and recorded with Stonecutter Records and Grammy-nominated producer Chris Steinmetz (Kiss, Rihanna, Marty Casey). Over the past year, Jonny wrote an acoustic score for USC-UCLA’s co-production of Columbinus, interned with Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions in Santa Monica, and has been working with writers at the Swedish label TEN MUSIC GROUP. Recently, he raised more than $20,000 for therapeutic arts programs with his song “Grace,” which won the Elfenworks Social Justice Prize at Campus MovieFest. He is joined by his band members Nathan Fertig (piano/vocals), Yoonchan Choi (violin), and James Prinzi (percussion). Most recently, Jonny so very generously continued the partnership, writing a verse and recording a version of our peace-raising song, For Our Time.


Some facts about previous In Harmony With Hope Award events:

It has become something of a tradition for us to invite a performance from a band who has won another award for student artists in social justice,  the “Elfenworks/Campus MovieFest/College Battle of the Bands Social Justice Award.”  So far we have worked with two of these bands – Eyeshine and A Moment’s Worth – in partnership to spread the empowering message “never underestimate your power to make a ripple!” among their fans.  Our partnership with  A Moment’s Worth is still ongoing.  Visit our A Moment’s Worth Partnership Page page to learn more.

Thank you for your interest in our awards ceremony, and for all that you do to make a positive ripple.

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