The Elfenworks Foundation is located in Northern California, between San Francisco and San Jose. The Silicon Valley is known for its innovation, and Elfenworks aspires to always remain “on the cutting edge of hope.” Here are some examples of how we provide technology solutions to facilitate opportunities in social justice:

  • We designed, developed and launched the website for the Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality,  As we did so, we worked with the Center Director to come up with a system to categorize poverty and inequality research.  The thirty five categories on the website have remained largely unchanged, over the years.  The website was launched in 2006, and we have provided ongoing technical support from that time to the present.
  • We have experimented with different ways of communicating about the issues that face our country, including the awareness-raising film The Faces of Poverty, the coffee-table book Tracks of Hope, with an accompanying art gallery exhibit and online exhibit,  the film A Concert for Hope, and the conceptual project “Second Saturdays,” intended to spur involvement through story and song.
  • Another early technology projects was to launch a public service announcement for the Universal Health Care Action Network, in 2006. We also redesigned their website, porting them to a more robust host.
  • We noticed an unmet need: kids experiencing stress fare worse, as they grow, but stress-reduction techniques can help. We developed and launched the Breathing Butterfly project as a direct response.  Kids experience stress for many reasons —food insecurity, homelessness, parental divorce, bullying, illness, or simply the hardships of growing up. Our Breathing Butterfly materials help fight this toxic stress.
  • We have partnered with a number of health-related organizations to offer Rejuve and Rejuve-II, soothing music. The first was launched in association with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of the Greater Bay Area and then later with Package of Prevention. The second has been offered as a thank-you gift by UCSF’s Springer Labs, researching the toxic effects of second-hand smoke and smokeless cigarettes.
  • Our partnership with Campus Moviefest has resulted in the largest student social justice filmmaker award in the world.  From zero films in the early days of Campus Moviefest to thousands and counting, we have had more than one million views of our student filmmakers’ movies.  We’re also working on a new website geared towards nonprofit self-help in the field of IT Security.
  • America depends on nonprofits to provide critical services in many areas. Yet, technology poses significant challenges for many in the nonprofit sector. We are working right now to develop a web presence to help promote safe IT security practices among this community.