Whether in partnership with others or through projects of our own, our vision is one of hope and our focus is on solutions.  We’re inspiring hope, one innovation at a time.

Hope is key, because with it we realize that possibilities for change are real.  A greater sense of hopeful optimism will engender more civic engagement. And together, there’s nothing we’re inspired to do that we can’t achieve.  That’s why we focus on the projects and offer the offerings that we do.  And that’s why our annual capstone In Harmony with Hope  event  focuses attention on hopeful possibilities, opportunities, and new ways of thinking. It widens the window of discussion, making it possible – even acceptable – to imagine a better tomorrow.  Our In Harmony with Hope awards program creates fellowship among the social entrepreneurs it honors, and it inspires and invites the audience to consider their own abilities to push for positive change. The remarkable and growing group of honorees gives voice to our vision for a more hopeful America.

Elfenworks, meeting you at the cutting edge of hope.  Because the choice for a more hopeful tomorrow rests with all of us.