In 2015, we had the opportunity to present our method for social entrepreneurship at University of Jordan and the World Affairs Council.  

One young student challenged us with a question about whether we had brought our methodology into the high school setting. If not, why not?  We’ve been pondering that, and working with our friends in Jordan to see what we can accomplish in this area. Meanwhile, we were prompted to make explainer videos for each pillar of our Seven Pillar Methodology. You’ll find them on this website.  

Through the following years, we kept in touch with the nonprofit organization that sponsored our visit to Jordan – The Blessed Ones’ Society – and listened to their hopes and dreams. Their vision: a cutting edge farm that could raise hope and act as an incubator and educational opportunity, while providing employment to vulnerable populations nearby.  The adoption of advanced farming techniques – in order to save water – makes perfect sense in the world’s second driest country. Their project meets the Seven Pillar Criteria: 1. Vision: they are committed and clearly see an end result;  2. Special Skills. They’ve assembled a team with deep expertise. 3. Nonduplication: it’s unique, needed, and replicable.4. Partnership. They’re committed to working with others, including the U. Jordan. 5. Credit Sharing. They intend to do this. 6. Feedback. They’ve built metrics into their proposal. 7. Staying-Power. They are committed to the long term. We’re proud to be a partner in this cutting-edge project, and help them realize their vision for the greater good of Jordan and the wider region. 

To all the students and social entrepreneurs we met during our visit, we say thank you! and keep on making a difference for the greater good.