Join us March 8th – Peace in a Time of Climate Change

It’s time! The “For Our Time” peace initiative is a creative collaboration that invites you to riff on our song of peace. Peace is needed for hope to thrive. We invite you to join the song and add your voice to the movement: sing along to this tune, or add a verse that’s inspired by the song’s message of peace and loving kindness. You never know how far your voice will carry. Remember, never underestimate your ripple.


Simply press the Submit Your Song button, review and accept the Terms of Participation, and upload your MP3. It’s that easy. All songs must be in MP3 format and under 5MB.

Submit your song now!



Consider these great songs submitted to this peace project for the world’s ears in 2017, from Ezre and New Nobility.  They’re entirely different from the song we started with. As long as we can include it on the site, and it raises more peace, we’ll consider posting it. So, other art (e.g., painting, photos, poems) might also be included.  Eventually, they’ll be moved to the history page, but for now, enjoy! 

Here’s  A World of Peace – Submitted by Allan Licht, available on CDBaby (video coming soon, we hope!)

and Make a Better World by New Nobility Band.

below, the playlist… 



We’ve got answers on our history page, or… contact us here.


Check out the verses so far or download sheet music to help you along.