Since our inception, we’ve been brainstorming in partnership with others, towards the greater good.  This has sometimes resulted in unconferences – virtual conferences which folks can attend online, saving the expense and hassle of travel.  Below is one example, with more sure to follow.

The 11/11/11 FairTruth Unconference

Proof of Concept – Fair Truth Entry

During this effort, The Elfenworks Foundation convened a working group to ask, simply, “what might be done, at the consumer level, to increase the quality of social awareness, and to reward socially responsible companies?”  By consumer level, we meant the point of sale – what is visible to the consumer, including advertising and all the ways companies reach out and connect with consumers. By FairTruth, we meant to convey socially responsible business, which can encompass employment practices, volunteerism, donations and sustainability. After two years of brainstorming, we felt ready to hold an unconference. One issue for the participants of the unconference to consider was how FairTruth might be expressed very differently in different sectors of the economy, and in small businesses versus large corporations, and how these differences might be conveyed in a streamlined way to the consumer. The unconference took place on November 11th, 2011, and was archived for later viewing. We also set up a Facebook page (formerly for dialogue. The entire effort was a valuable learning experience, and the knowledge gained will be applied to future brainstorming for solutions. Travel back in time with us by checking out the speaker bios, reading a brief history of seals, or perusing the archived presentations (listed in alphabetical order):