In partnership with the Springer Laboratory research program on tobacco and cardiovascular health, University of California, San Francisco

“One of the best things we can do for
cardiovascular health in our stressful lives is to relax, relax, relax. The
music on Rejuve II is beautiful and soothing, the sort of album that you can
put on and just let the stress of the day float away.  For cardiovascular health, relaxation is the opposite of cigarette smoke.”  – Dr. Matthew Springer


We are pleased to bring you the second in our series of all-new and all-original music to comfort, inspire and encourage. This second entry into our Rejuve offerings – cleverly titled Rejuve II – features ambient guitar, clarinet and electronica played in a soft and mellow style, with soothing and mellow singing bowls and bells. Useful in guided meditations, spa relaxation, and simply drifting pleasantly for a time, away from the stresses of the day.  Enjoy!  – The Elfenworks Team


We are honored to be releasing Rejuve-II  in partnership with UCSF’s Springer Laboratory.  We applaud their efforts researching the cardiac and vascular effects of smoking/vaping, and second-hand smoking/vaping.  We feel that research into vaping (inhaling smokeless cigarettes) is especially critical: because their second-hand effects haven’t been measured, such products have gone largely unregulated. Smokeless cigarettes come in a variety of flavors, many of which would appeal to children.  In a time when research grants are hard to come by,  the Lab undertook a fundraising campaign, for which the Rejuve-II CD  was a thank-you gift.

The Lab would welcome additional funding (donation details on their website) and we at Elfenworks would welcome additional like-minded partnerships (contact us).

Where to Find Rejuve-II

To get your own copy of Rejuve, visit the fundraising campaign of UCSF’s Springer Lab or contact the Lab via their contact page.


Track listing coming soon.

Visit the Elfenworks Productions, LLC Soundcloud page  for audio samples!


Producer/Photography Lauren Speeth
Design/Layout Mike Dalling
Recording Lauren Speeth, John Watkins, Josh Workman
Mixing/Mastering/Sound Design John Watkins
All Compositions by Don Kane, John Watkins, Josh Workman
Clarinet Don Kane
Guitar Josh Workman, Lauren Speeth on “Joyous,”
Violin Lauren Speeth
Electronica John Watkins
Singing Bowls Lauren Speeth, John Watkins
Tibetan Bells Lauren Speeth

Non-Medical Disclaimer

We are not engaged in professional medical services and assume no responsibility for patient outcomes. Medical advice and decisions are appropriately made only by a competent and licensed medical practitioner, who must make decisions, in light of all of the facts and circumstances in each individual and particular case. We absolutely do not advocate that anyone turn away from their current treatment or support—this music is intended to augment, not replace, such treatment. —Elfenworks

Copyright © 2013 Elfenworks Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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