Care about the environment? So do we! 

Join us March 8th – Peace in a Time of Climate Change

 In 2017, we invested in our team, when two of us traveled to Pittsburgh to attend Climate Reality Leadership training.  We came back with a renewed appreciation for the urgency of how, in order to really have a shot at a just peace in a sustainable future, we need to heal our planet, today. We are working on a demonstration project with partners in the Middle East that will demonstrate new possibilities for desert agriculture. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, check out this student film, spotlighting the urgent need to reconsider plastics:

  • Every Bottle Counts: A lighthearted look at an important subject: what if all the plastic bottles we used followed us around? 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day, and even when recycled, they damage the Earth. This film reminds viewers: save your money, and save our planet.  Film By: Diana Ramos, Bridgewater State University. Winner: Honorable Mention, 2012

We hope that the information on this spotlight page has brought you inspiration and hope, and perhaps inspired you to action as well. For more ideas for how you can make a big ripple with your time, treasure, and talents visit our “make a ripple” page,

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