The St. Francis Inn is a Franciscan community located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Their community is composed of religious and lay people who live and minister among the poor and homeless. They seek to empower persons to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty and address structural injustices. The St. Francis Inn was featured in the film Faces of Poverty, which was a cooperative effort  The San Damiano Foundation. Contact:  ~ 2441 Kensington Ave  / Philadelphia, PA ~ (215) 423-5845.

The St. Francis Inn website informs visitors about leading causes of homelessness including: lack of affordable housing and inadequate housing assistance; poverty from low-paying jobs and minimal government assistance; mental Illness; lack of affordable health care; domestic violence; substance Abuse. across the street from the St. Francis Inn is a treatment facility under their auspices, which helps those suffering from some of these root causes.

Our Partnership Project with The Saint Francis Inn

We have provided the resources for a fledgling computer learning center. Christopher Speeth, a Philadelphia native, is assisting, for Elfenworks.

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