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elf kneeling by water

Film: Faces of Poverty

The film Faces of Poverty – which we will make available to you if you are putting on an awareness event – seems to have nine lives.  Four years after completion, the film was still being screened at festivals including GLOBAL WAKE-UP Festival in Chicago (October 28 – 29) and Swan Film Festival in Perth Australia… Continue Reading

Film: A Concert for Hope

What would you do, to start a ripple? This film explores the question, and captures a moment in time which caused a ripple, bringing waves of change we are still feeling. Director Lauren Speeth mixed up a magical brew of transcendant musical performances, stirring speeches, and enchanting animations; the result is a compelling call to action. Now subtitled in five languages and available on our YouTube channel, and coming soon to DVD. Recorded live in 2007 at Stanford University’s Memorial Church at a concert of the same name, A Concert for Hope captures a celebration concert in honor of the opening of the The Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality at Stanford University and the launching of their website,

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