We follow former President and social entrepreneur Jimmy Carter’s simple yet profound advice: follow your vision, use your special skills, address a chasm, work in partnership, share the credit, measure for feedback, and stay the course.  Our CEO has written a book expanding on that advice, entitled Intelligence & Compassion in Action; The Seven Pillars for Social Entrepreneurs.   You might want to use this http://elfenworks.org/be-the-change-worksheet/  to apply the 7-Pillars.

Feedback on the Pillars

I work in academic fund-raising. The 7 pillars work very well for one on one conversations about philanthropy. If you use each pillar during your conversation you will cover all of the necessary areas: stewardship, buy in, leadership, listening, feedback, relationship, and most importantly saying thank you in a meaningful way. A donor’s times is valuable. The 7 pillars ensure that value in given and received. This is a wonderful check list for engaging synergistic relationships. Don’t make a phone call or schedule a visit without the 7 pillars list. – Ron Turner, St. Mary’s College.

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