Trustees Celebrate Peace Project

Trustees Elizabeth Wied Esq., Kim Schoknecht Esq., Vivian Kane, Lauren Speeth DBA DMin, and Mark Vorsatz Esq, with Executive Director Kenneth Tam, wishing you peace!

Meet Ms. Vivian Kane,  Elfenworks Foundation trustee.  Ms. Kane is pictured at right, along with the other trustees and  Executive Director Kenneth Tam.

Ms. Kane joined the Board in November of 2014.  A graduate of California Institute of the Arts with an MFA in Acting and San Francisco State University, with a BA in Theater and Women’s Studies, Kane brings a perspective on communication that will be useful in raising hope in new and creative ways.

Ms. Kane has been affectionately described as a “professional pretender with a penchant for parentheticals.”   She currently resides in Los Angeles, where her main focus at present is on writing.


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