**Elfenworks Foundation 2008 Summer Newsletter**

**Be the Change**

Occasionally, it happens: we are told that our efforts have helped
change lives. Recently we received a letter from Linda Shattuck with
the Starfish Television Network. Starfish, which will soon air our
film "A Concert for Hope",
has been airing Faces of Poverty,
our first awareness-raising film that was produced in conjunction
with the San Damiano Foundation
in 2007. We hope her words inspire you as they have us:

Once upon a time, we felt that all programming had
to offer a solution as well as present the need. It was my opinion
that those who watch can formulate their own plan to help, and that
perhaps they would come up with something innovative or be inspired to
actually get on a plane and make a difference! Your outstanding
program, Faces of Poverty, does just that, and I appreciate the fact
that it doesn't offer all the solutions.

On another note, I visit your website for inspiring ideas of
organizations making a difference and reaching out to those less
fortunate. Poverty is around us, and we too often turn a blind eye.
Thank you to Elfenworks Foundation <http://www.elfenworks.org>
... for opening our eyes and inspiring us to make a change - for good.

**10, 9, 8, 7... Countdown to Hope Takes Flight**

Does it sound like the countdown to something big? Well, it is! The
second annual In Harmony with Hope awards
ceremony will be held at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos,
California, on October 9, 2008 at 7 pm. This year, The Elfenworks
Foundation will honor two extraordinary people whose creative
approaches to very different problems are reaching thousands of our
country's disenfranchised. Read more about Dr. Lois Lee and Dr. Jack
McConnell in this, our first issue of elfen e-news. And join us on
10.09.08 as we celebrate their accomplishments - it's an event that's
sure to make your spirits soar.

Lift off will take place

Thursday, October 9, 2008 at 7:00 pm

Hiller Aviation Museum

601 Skyway Road, San Carlos, California

Kindly RSVP by Sep. 26, 2008 call 650.347.9700 or email
admin@elfenworks.org <mailto:admin@elfenworks.org>

**Health and Mental Health**

Jack McConnell (founder), Volunteers in Medicine, vimi.org, created
the first Volunteers in Medicine Clinic in 1994, when he paired a
group of retired medical personnel who were searching for a way to
continue practicing their profession with a large uninsured population
on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Today, the Volunteers in
Medicine Institute shepherds the replication of that program - there
are 62 VIM clinics in 21 states whose 7,500 volunteers have delivered
care to more than 120,000 uninsured Americans. More...


Lois Lee (Founder & Director), Children of the Night,
childrenofthenight.org. Children of the Night has assisted more than
10,000 children between the ages of 11 and 17 who live on the streets
and are forced into prostitution to pay for the food they eat and a
place to sleep. More...

**Mashup Camp - Social Justice Mashup Prize, Computer History Museum,
November 2008**

definition: mashup: a digital media file containing any or all of
text, graphics, audio, video and animation drawn from pre-existing
sources, to create a new derivative work. source: Wikipedia

The Elfenworks Foundation is proud to announce our newest pathfinder
partner, Mashup Camp. This year, we will present the inaugural
Elfenworks Best Social Justice Mashup prize, in recognition of the
mashup that best uses technology to illustrate solutions to the
pressing problem of domestic poverty. The prize will be awarded at the
end of the Bay Area Mashup Camp, to be held at the Computer History
Museum in November. "By bringing together various pieces of the
puzzle, mashups can really breathe life into data and make the story
more compelling," says Elfenworks Foundation CEO, Lauren Speeth.

The Elfenworks Best Social Justice Mashup prize is the latest in a
series of partnerships The Elfenworks Foundation has entered into to
promote awareness of domestic poverty. The alliances encourage
creative efforts that bring to light important social justice issues.
The mashup prize complements similar efforts in film-making and
songwriting that The Elfenworks Foundation sponsors through the
college-based Campus MovieFest and Campus MusicFest.

For more information on Mashup Camp, and to register, visit