The Elfenworks Foundation January 2010 Newsletter

A Moving Experience

From left: Father Gregory Boyle, Rev. Peter G. Young, Robert Egger

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words...

Quoting Emily Dickinson, 2009 In Harmony with HopeSM honoree Father Gregory Boyle reminded the awards ceremony audience that our purpose should be about "singing the song without the words." "The measure of our compassion lies not in our service of those in the margins," the founder of Homeboy Industries said, "but in our willingness to be in kinship with them." His acceptance remarks were a moving call to action: "Everybody in this room is called to stand with those whose burdens are more than they can bear."

Read more about our In Harmony with HopeSM awards

UCSF - Center for Vulnerable Populations: Our Newest Partner

cvp staff in action

Intelligent...Compassion...In Action.
It's part of our mission, and was behind our latest website development project: the UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations (CVP) at San Francisco General Hospital. The site will help CVP with their communications and fundraising efforts, and provide outreach and education to poor and vulnerable populations. As it grows, the website will take advantage of cutting-edge technologies to provide services to the marginalized poor in exciting new ways.

Read more about CVP

Caveat Emptor

Do you have that giving feeling? We did, recently, when a group of lovely ladies dressed in religious habits came calling. Except that something didn't feel quite right - so we looked into their charity and found that they weren’t entirely legitimate. Tread carefully when it comes to emotional giving - some of the charities raising funds for Haiti relief, for instance, are making headlines for the wrong reasons, thanks to poor management. (If you're looking for an organization that is committed to long-term, sustainable change in Haiti, we suggest Partners in Health, founded by In Harmony with HopeSM award winner Paul Farmer.) And so we remind you to be careful in your giving. Do your due diligence and give to causes that feed your passion. Stay focused.


Creating Ripples...

Feel the passion to
make a difference:
make a date to join us in 2010 for the next In Harmony with HopeSM awards ceremony, tentatively scheduled for September 30.

The event moved me and inspired me... Immediately following your event, I was online looking to do what I can do within my community. Thank you, because I wouldn't have been motivated and inspired without your event.

Thank you. There is no travel distance too far for inspiration!

I haven't been that inspired by others' actions in some time... Without question, it was the best night I've had in some time. Thank you again for setting the bar high.


Second Saturday Singalongs

What better way to show someone you care than to take part in the debut Saturday singalong event the day before Valentine's Day? Just gather a few of your friends, download our easy-to-read music, and join in on this grassroots effort to raise awareness about poverty and hunger in this country.

Learn more ...

Click to watch 'Such a Crime' video singalong

Attorneys with a Social Conscience...

They do exist, and they'll be attending an Elfenworks Foundation-supported conference called Vulnerable Populations and Economic Realities. The two-day teaching course will offer an interdisciplinary approach to law teaching, examining the latest theories and data collected by social scientists on poverty so that this new information can be effectively incorporated into legal education across the curriculum. Dr. Lauren Speeth will be a featured speaker at the conference, which is being sponsored by Golden Gate University School of Law and the Society of American Law Teachers.

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