We are The Elfenworks Foundation, In Harmony With Hopesm, a 501.c.3 operating foundation situated in California’s dynamic Silicon Valley.  

The Elfenworks Foundation works to increase hope for a better future by equipping students, advancing our effective social entrepreneurship methodology, and fostering creative and technology solutions to some of our world’s most pressing problems.  We stay on the cutting edge of hope, favoring partnerships with educators and other groups that seek to uplift and engage students in their efforts to speak out and act out for a better, more hope-filled tomorrow. 

For select projects that fit within our methodological framework, we can provide seed funding where we see great potential.  Our mission is simple, but not easy: To build hope for a better future and grow the next generation of leaders, “in harmony with hope.”

We say “help one, help many, cause a ripple.” May you find this website inspiring and helpful. Never underestimate your power to make a positive ripple.

-your friends at The Elfenworks Foundation