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We’re so excited about our partnership with Alex Bondarev, the band A Moment’s Worth, and Alex’s new solo project Conversing with Oceans. In recent months, Conversing with Oceans, Alex’s solo project, has become his focal endeavor. CWO still actively collaborates with and incorporates some of the band members from AMW, while also adding new musicians and exploring new musical styles. In this way, he carries on our partnership and continues to spread our message of hope.

This partnership was sparked when the band won our Elfenworks Campus Moviefest Student Social Justice Prize  for the song DEDICATE.  These musicians are spreading the message about how audience members can get involved in big and small ways, and working in furtherance of our peace-through-song project.  Because, when you DEDICATE yourself to something, good things happen.  Here are just a few important highlights that teach us that when you apply your special skills to the world’s deep needs, you get brilliant results… and joy!

  • Tiny Bronx Contest / Promo video – Gathered fellow musicians from the Bronx & beyond and gave them a platform to submit professionally recorded videos for NPR’s famous Tiny Desk Contest, entirely free of charge, garnering NPR’s attention & leading to this follow-up story
  • A few shows focused on Clothing Drive & Toy Drive collections. People amazed the band with just how much they’ve been giving, all of which then goes to the donation program at St. Mary’s Church in Brooklyn. Another show was a amw_partner_musiciansoncallBenefit for the Karl Family whose son was recently diagnosed with ALS. They’d asked fans to pick a cause that was important for them, and this one was meaningful to the person who’d reached out, and touched the hearts of the band members.  
  • Continued to volunteer for Musicians on Call, performing bedside for patients and families. Alex enjoyed meeting meet some of the volunteers and worked towards inspiring recruits at a “Volunteer meet-up” in Manhattan in May, also participating in a MAYhem Volunteer Challenge–which helped to raise $25,000 for the program. This amount was then DOUBLED by their board member to make that a total of $50,000 towards the program. ​ Alex amw_guitarwas very generously awarded this guitar signed by Kelly Clarkson and other superstars and has been using it to spread awareness about their program. 
  • College Battle of the Bands invitation to their Eastern Finale to perform as an alum and was filmed discussing the Elfenworks partnership that had blossomed thanks to them.
  • In late April, launched a Russian version of For Our Time thanks to band friends in Russia. It’s shared on the Russian Fanpage and is getting some good traction <<note, YOU can participate in the peace song project – visit to find out how!>> Watch the band’s wonderful video for our peace-through-song project below:

We feel this partnership really has great potential to expand our reach, with a message of hope and involvement.   Because, whether or not we realize it, everything we do makes a ripple. Never underestimate your power to make a positive ripple.

About A Moment’s Worth & Conversing with Oceans

A Moment’s Worth consists of six long-time friends from the Bronx who share an insatiable drive to write, create, and perform their own music. Since 2004, the band A Moment’s Worth – Alex Bondarev, Anthony Albanese, Frank Quarto, Johnny Endico and Nicola Terzulli– has inspired their tightly-knit fans with their tremendous energy and passion, thoughtful lyrics, inventive beats, and cant-get-them-out-of-your-head melodies.Their brand of optimistic rock resonated with audiences as they made front page news of New York Press, won the first College Battle of the Bands (alumni include Mike Posner & Local Natives), and came to our attention with their song “Dedicate.”

Never content to sit on their laurels, the band is constantly delving deeper, emotionally and musically. With each successive album release, their evolution as artists is evident.Their fans have grown along with them, and as such AMW’s discography becomes more than an autobiography representative of their journey with the band, thus far. To the crowds, who know and sing their lyrics, it’s their story too. The band’s EP “Light” can be heard on their website,  

Conversing With Oceans is the solo music project of Alex Bondarev, whose narrative began in Grozny (formerly of Russia), when the unrest of war led him and his family to immigrate first to India, and then to the Bronx. While working on spreading hope with Elfenworks, he took the message of “never underestimate your ripple” to heart, and branched out on his own, even while also continuing to work with the band. He has since composed music for Google, been featured on NPR and on Apple Music’s main page, had placements in national television ads and programs, and signed on to Sony’s Orchard for distribution. More at

Together in these two incarnations, Alex’s compositions have over a million streams on SoundCloud, and we are always delighted by the creative and generous ways these outstanding musicians dream up, to uplift, heal and inspire! 

What You Can Do? The Sky’s the Limit

Ask the “DEDICATE” questions: “what do I care most about?” …   “What do I want to see change for the better?”  and “What will I dedicate myself to helping make better?”  Allow yourself to dream, knowing that you CAN and you WILL make a difference.  Embrace that optimism by committing to doing one small thing, today!
Make an investment in learning how to be an effective change agent. You can do that right here on this website, where we explain our Seven Pillars methodology.
Only when we all get involved … only when we dare to dream…
…only together.
Musicians, Filmmakers, Artists, Writers – sometimes hard truths can be said in art that otherwise wouldn’t be spoken. Make your voice heard.  And students, why not enter your social justice films into the Elfenworks Social Justice Category?
Every dollar counts – not just donation dollars, but the dollars you spend. Yes, shopping online is quick and cheap… but did you know that more money stays in your community when you shop local? Consider it an investment in your quality of life. 
Never give up! If you try something and it doesn’t work as you’d expected, chalk it up to the “tuition of life.”   Just keep at it, in spite of anyone or anything that would tell you your efforts don’t matter.  They do.  They do!
Teach or mentor someone who could learn from you, or who could use a role model or a friend. Become a big brother or big sister, or guide a youth group. Teach a child how to feel less stress, visualizing the Breathing Butterfly.  Teach someone to read, and open up a world of possibilities for them, forever.
Share your stuff. Your extras could be useful at a homeless shelter or kids’ program. A used instrument could help a school or community music program (e.g., Guitars Not Guns).
Words have power. So, spread the word! Let someone know their involvement matters, and share this page with them. Use social media to amplify what you care about. Try your hand at creative writing by joining a fiction forum and keep an eye out for our next poetic fundraiser, such as #haiku4hope, which ran in January/February of 2017.
Only you… only now…
…only this moment.
Roll up your sleeves and pitch in. Offer to help out, the next time an event speaks to you. One-time events can really give a cause a boost. If you don’t see an event that moves you, put on your own. You could have a food, clothing, book, or other needed-goods drive (check with your local charity to see what’s needed). Check it out: it isn’t hard to organize a book drive, see for hints. Or see volunteermatch for other concepts, or hey, check our ripple page.
Try new things. Don’t worry about failing, just about failing to try. Creative solutions are needed. If the status quo were working so well, and people already had the answers, then there wouldn’t be a problem.
Hope has power. Speak hope and truth and life over the lives of the people you care about. Every day! There are also ideas at, broken down by how much time you have available.  If you have a moment, why not tell us what you’re doing. Also, we’d love to know what sparked  your interest. Was it a particular concert? Was it something in particular that was said? Feedback helps us.

A Moment’s Worth answers question from Elfenworks

Some Background – How This Partnership Took Off

AMW Elfenworks TweetSometimes good things come out of seemingly harsh events. For example, this partnership really took off after the band had its trailer stolen, and we heard about it and decided to pitch in a little. A friendship was sealed, and you’re here on this page as a result. How about that!  Watch the band in a live performance of the song at our 2011 In Harmony With Hope® award, below: