The Breathing Butterfly App

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LIfe of a butterfly
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The Elfenworks Foundation is proud to present the "Breathing Butterfly" app. Created in collaboration with the teams at Tip-Tok and Elfenworks Productions, LLC, the Breathing Butterfly is designed to help you relax and stress-down and tend to your inner butterfly garden. Six tranquil games provide the user endless options for peaceful fun, while the "breathing butterfly" at the heart of the app is offered in 28 different language and 330 different animation combination choices.

butterflyThe Elfenworks Foundation "In Harmony With Hope" works to foster intelligent compassion in action and to cultivate hope through creative and technological solutions that advance change.  You can use this app – and other tools – to help make a positive difference. As we say, "Never underestimate your ripple!".  For further information, see Additional resources that go along with the app are available on the special website

The Breathing Butterfly App Highlights

Rainbow Game

Help the butterfly reach the rainbow by sipping the flowers along the path of stars

Garden Game

With sun and rain, your garden will grow, perhaps attracting a friendly visitor.

Snow Globe

Enjoy your very own little pink-tree snow-globe. Try touching one of the flowers, just for fun.


Your very own coloring page.

Soothing Music

Make gentle music or enjoy a memory game.

Catching Stars

Help the mouse catch a falling star, using hints from friendly fireflies.