Coloring (and related activities)

The Life of a Butterfly

LIfe of a butterfly

A coloring sheet to discover the life of a butterfly. A printable PDF that just needs your colorful interpretation!

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Butterflies Come in All Shapes, Sizes and Colors

coloring butterfly

There are many different kinds of butterflies. They live in many different places, and they come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Each has two names, a common name and a scientific name. You might have heard some of the common names, like Swallowtails and Birdwings, Skippers, Mariposa and Emperors. Some have funny names, and look really strange, like the Stinky Leaf Wing. Each one is suited to its environment, but they all need warmth to survive, just like people. Let’s explore some of the many different kinds of butterflies.

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Color Me Manga


This little manga, if well received, could be the first in a series entitled ‘Me and Hōp’ – the story of a young girl who 'keeps hope' with her little imaginary bird, Hōp. Hōp has hopped into her life during a time when things are pretty rough for her. This coloring book page concept was developed by our founder Lauren Speeth and drawn by Loren Schaller.

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