Our Approach

The Elfenworks Foundation's Breathing Butterfly project uses a simple butterfly metaphor and offers delightful tools that help you deal with stress.

Our strategy is to empower the field practitioner to work with others in their mother tongue. We do this by creating these useful tools in as many languages as we are able. Field practitioners can feel comfortable with our tools, because English versions exist for each.


We began with the butterfly script, and it grew. We now have an entire suite of offerings. There are six games on our app that don't require any particular language at all, plus resources on this website on social-emotional learning topics such as: addressing diversity and being special; addressing change; control and mastery; and creativity and care.


Partnership is a key pillar in the methodology we follow, as social entrepreneurs. We welcome caring adults as partners from all areas of the helping professions, including teachers, health care providers, social services, and anyone else who'd be interested in helping children cope more effectively with stress.

We have taken the Breathing Butterfly into schools, shared it on cancer walks, and brought it to parents and healing professionals. We've traveled coast to coast, and shared it with Lasallian Volunteers, who shared it with the youths they mentor. We're always open to new ways of getting the word out. Got ideas? Why not contact us!