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Student Feature: Building a Connection (Project Homeless Connect)

Film Description: If San Francisco’s homeless community had a “one stop shopping” space for a multitude of different needs and services, what a difference it could make in people’s lives. Project Homeless Connect is about “people coming together with people,” to give individuals access to much needed services, but even more than that, it provides

Student Feature:  Change, Please  

Film Description:    Through the seemingly unending repetition of one homeless man’s request for passersby to “spare small change, please,” we see how much a small a gesture can mean for those in need. Film By: Kit Ashton, University of London Winner: Third Prize (UK) Reposting? Consider These Tags:  #homelessness #calltoaction #cmfUK #cmf2015 #campusmoviefest #elfenworks #studentvoices #socialjustice #makearipple

Student Feature: Less Than Human

Film Description: So many people view the homeless as “less than human,” but when we walk on by without trying to help others, what level of humanity is that? This documentary looks at individuals on both sides of this issue: those who are homeless, and those struggling to make a difference, battling systems set up to

Student Feature: Reflections

Film Description: Here’s a little tale of one person helping in a creative way. The twist: do we see ourselves, reflected, and want a reflection of ourselves as more giving? Film By: Northeastern University Winner: Honorable Mention (Ripple Maker) 2016 Reposting? Consider These Tags: #homelessness #ripplemaker #cmf2016 #campusmoviefest #elfenworks #studentvoices #socialjustice #makearipple About the Elfenworks Campus