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Campus Moviefest

Calling Social Justice Filmmakers - Win $10,000!

MAKE A MOVIE – GET SEEN & WIN CASH PRIZES ! Background, Judging Criteria, Winners, Badges The Elfenworks Foundation, in partnership with Campus MovieFest (CMF), invites students to become social justice filmmakers (or game developers) by participating in the annual Campus MovieFest Elfenworks Social Justice Hope competition. It’s an opportunity to win up to $10,000,  make a difference with

Student Feature: One in Five

Film Description: During a study group Jamie’s friends pressure her to explain why she hasn’t been herself recently. As she imagines what would happen if she told her friends about her recent sexual assault, her deepest insecurities are revealed. When she refuses to divulge her secret,

Student Feature: Battle Buddy

Film Description: When veteran Bill Stump returned from 20 years of service, he faced the toughest battle of his life. K9s for Warriors was there for him. And his new canine battle buddy saved his life. Film By:  Aakash Bakshi Winner: Second Prize, 2017 Reposting? Consider These Tags: #ripplemaker #cmf2017 #campusmoviefest #elfenworks #studentvoices #socialjustice #makearipple

Student Feature: Growing Up in the Ghetto

Film Description: This interview driven documentary tackles the issues faced by children that grow up in impoverished neighborhoods in Baltimore City. Residents, volunteers, a pastor, and a teacher tell their stories and give insight about how growing up in the ghetto can negatively impact children. One good takeaway: “There is no one solution. There are